“There is Not One I Love More Than the Other”

“In your own words, gently tell My Remnant Army that I am with them. That I love them more than any of them have yet to understand. Help them to return to unity. To stop the bickering amongst themselves. There is not one I love more than the other. There is not one more chosen than the next. The love I have for My true followers of all faiths, is an explanation not any of you could possibly comprehend” Continue reading “There is Not One I Love More Than the Other”


France 2011

5:45am came quickly after only falling asleep after 3am. Some things never change. Even as a child if I knew I was going somewhere the next morning I could not sleep due to excitement. The Thalys Hi Speed train departed at 8:16am as I sat comfortably in 2nd class, seat number 16. A man and a woman realize they have the same seat number next to me. Resigning himself to that fact he took a seat across from me. With the problem resolved everyone sits back to enjoy the ride to Paris Nord Station. After days of so much rain … Continue reading France 2011

Please Stop Being Angry

I love you so much. I wish that was enough for you to love me back. Remembering the first time you were placed in my arms brings a huge smile in my heart and across my face. You opened your eyes and looked at me, we locked eyes and we both smiled. You had my heart from that moment and nothing has changed. So many years of caring for you and protecting you as you explored life.  Watching, as you discovered the world around you was an adventure. Everything was new. Anything you came in contact with was first stared at then … Continue reading Please Stop Being Angry