The Net Will Be Unforgeable and All Will Flock To It

Fishers-of-men-3Received:  23/04/2012 @ 13:27

“My child, you wake feeling My peace today as it is My gift to you for the bravery you portrayed in doing My work yesterday.  The conversation I orchestrated between you and My Messengers has reached many, many souls.  All that I give you has been multiplied and many will begin to come to Me for protection as they now realize that evil is real and is not something they want  apart of.  Thank you for heeding My call.

Your strength grows as you now have true confirmationn in your world that all you have been through is real and that you are truly not alone.  Your heart is tender with My love and the love of My Mother, Your Mother.

Call on Gabriel to assist you as he is truly your appointed guardian and is set to defend you in My work.  Your understanding now is clear and you will march forward in humility, strength, My strength and you will prevail until My time has come.  Child I sat watch over you while you so peacefully without fear and doubt, slept.

The ones I have placed in your path are My pillars as you are.  You are all now connected through Me and in Me.  You will all work and proclaim My Truth to My children. No longer will My children doubt the existence of hell and they will prepare for judgement.   satan will work to defeat you all but My Angels are set for battle, never to leave any of your sides.  Be brave My children as this is only the battles preluding the Great Holy War.  These battles are preparedness for your souls for what is to come. 

I Am with you always.  My heart is soothed as each of you have also been awakened further and the bridge between Heaven and Earth is now forming.  This work before each of you bridges the gap that has been there since the fall of Eve.

Oh My child how I love thee and all My children who understand their calling.  Keep your eyes on Me always. In all you do, pray silently to Me.

Tell all My Messengers how important their work is for the salvation of souls, My souls.  One by one you will come to know one another and you will network between the lines bringing My children into the fold as I pour My graces upon each one of you.  The net will be unforgeable and all will flock to it. 

Be of good heart, mind and soul My child as your prayers have been heard.  Your Father knows all your needs.  I Am your Father, your everything and I will be with you every stop of the way.

Yahweh, Creator of all