“There is Not One I Love More Than the Other”

06/04/2013 @ approximately 17:53

“Child, do you hear Me child?  It is I your Heavenly Father, Yahweh, Father of all.”

Please, can You tell me, if it is You, who do You bow before?

” I bow to no one child. All bow to Me, God the Father Almighty, creator of all things and the Father of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, I sent to redeem and save the world.”

Thank You, Father, for answering my question. It has been so long and as You know, I fear the infiltration of evil as I do Your work.

“Oh child of My heart, it is I and I have been with you all this time. I never leave you. As you have struggled day by day to live without My Voice, I bless you for your faith and endurance.  So many have come to Me as you work to salvage their souls for Me. So flawed  you are, yet how I love thee.  The strength I have given you, you have used well for My glory. My heart swells as I witness the love you give My children.  You love them despite their faults because you have come to understand the faults within yourself.  As you look upon the diversity of them all, I cry tears of joy as you smile and love them unprejudiced and kind in your heart.  Despising the sin, yet loving the souls residing within each of their human flesh.

Soon child, sooner than you think or realize, will I be with  you and  you with Me.  Your Father knows this has been hard and immensely difficult for you.  I know you long for your family and your family I will return to you and you to them. Hold fast child and continue in My work.

I smile on you this day, this moment as  you write for Me and love Me from the depths of your being. 

My prophet suffers for all mankind and sees through My eyes the fruit, the good fruit you are bearing for My glory.  Untarnished and unhindered she will continue in My name. 

Share what I give  you now with Padre Dominic for he too suffers in ways he will never divulge to you.  He is My Shepherd. The very one I have called.  My little Dominic, whose mother, who is with Me in My Kingdom now, prays for, without ceasing.  His task is large and it will come upon him as fast as a bolt of lighting, without warning.  Pray for him more My child,

You still have no concept of the power of prayer. This is My Will for now.  I Will that you grasp; that without prayer, Heaven cannot act and it is impossible for My hand to drop in order to save My  precious children.

Your obedience is to Me and only Me. Never forget this My child.  I am your Heavenly, Almighty Father and you are My Heavenly, devout child that I Myself have molded in My strength, My endurance, My eyes in order My Will be done and My children adhere and heed and humble themselves before My throne.  So flawed  you are and I love you from the heights of My Heavenly throne. 

My chosen Shepherd bleeds from his heart as he awaits any tiny morsel of guidance from Me. Tell him child.  Tell him I love him and bless him and guide him.  He too is My chosen child and as I have revealed to you before, together you will bring My children Home.

Pray for My prophet Maria.  She sill does not understand her full role in My fulfillment, yet she works tirelessly for Me as My scribe.  My sweet angel, submersed in your material world.  So much has come before her to tempt her to profit from My Word.  Tell My Shepherd he must guide her to reject these temptations and only print My Word.  Love her child.  Love her by praying for her.  Oh how large her task truly is. It is by her love that all of you will hear My Word, My design, My plans, My warnings, My instruction to do My work and save My children.

In your own words, gently tell My Remnant Army that I am with them. That I love them more than any of them have yet to understand. Help them to return to unity. To stop the bickering amongst themselves.  There is not one I love more than the other.  There is not one more chosen than the next.  The love I have for My true followers of all faiths, is an explanation not any of  you could possibly comprehend.  My children, mislead and deceived are the very ones My heart swells for, mourns for and searches the depths of their hearts for.

Child, when the false prophet speaks the iniquity foretold, cover your fragile ears so his words do not enter your fragile heart. You are not meant to hear such things.  Only spread My truth, My love for My children, My creation and love them as I have told you before, into the Heavenly fold.

I feel your joy child as you write for Me.  I feel your love as you rejoice in hearing Me.  Pray more and more child.  I know you love Me too, yet always know I love you more.  Take heed of My Words, graced and bestowed on you this day and continue to prepare and trust in Me and only Me. My heart is with you child.”

Yahweh, your Heavenly Father who will be with you soon.