Lean On My Mighty Chest and Arms and Allow Calm of Me to Enter

pictures-of-jesus-blind-man-thanks-1138184-mobilereceived Monday 31 December 2012 @ 22:10

“Child it is I, Yahweh. I am with you on this last night of the year. You are not alone and you never will be. So lost and alone do you always feel in this world. No matter where you go, what you see or what you sense with the human senses, you are always left with the feeling of being alone. These feelings are because you are not of this world nor do you belong to it. The soul of you, who you truly are longs for Me and this is why you are Mine child. You do not long for this world. You long for Me. Your Father needs you to know that I am with you. Hold this truth inside and outside you.

So many have accused you of being evil because you spread the truth I alone have given you. So many have spoken injustices about you and belittled you as you come into blossom. So sensitive your heart is and this is why you wither in grief. As a rose so delicate growing on a stem with thorns. When the winds become too strong and you worry to lose your last petal, you bend your stem and strike with the thorns beneath you. Child this is what must change within you. This action is not My Will. This is your will. You are nearly perfected yet this self will prevents the perfection I am trying to create within you, that I desire of you. The self will destroys My Will within you.

From this day forward My child, allow Me, Your Father to fight this battle for you. So mighty is My arm that no one can move it. From this day forward My child, stand silent and allow My Holy Spirit to tend to those who oppose My Words, My Truth.

The time is coming when you will be told to speak but not in My defence. You will speak to the souls of My children and you will not hear a word of their rebuttal. You will only speak with strength and love and truth. You will not engage with their indignation. You will look upon them with love, with pity and with mercy as I do.

Your time is coming My child, the one I have chosen to be My Voice to the lost.  My Voice is strong, firm, yet tender and loving. I have plucked you from the rose garden of your Heavenly Mother and I am teaching you how to be My Voice. A rose is soft, strong, fragrant and humble amongst the thorns. My Voice is the fragrance that overpowers all fragrance.

Little one of Mine, allow Me, My Will. Surrender all of your will to Me and never return it to yourself. Trust Me child. I have told you I would never drop you, nor will I forsake you. You are wounded deeply now but you will recover because it is My Will that you recover. This time you will recover quietly and silently and never again tell anyone of your suffering. This is all Mine to see and hear child. All Mine, for no one else.

The human does not have the capacity to fully understand what you endure for My Kingdom. So seeking understanding from another in the flesh as you are is useless and will always leave you empty and dry. I am the only one who can and will comfort you. Sit with Me and only Me child and I will heal and comfort and soothe every wound you sustain for the salvation of My little souls.

The year ahead will be turbulent as all fulfilment closes in. Let Me water you with My graces, prune you with My love and shower you with My wisdom and mercy so you will grow and blossom into the rose I know you will be.

Child feel My peace, dry your tears, lean on My mighty chest and arms and allow calm of Me to enter. I am with you child and there will never be one human to stand with you and uphold you and love you as I do. Rely on Me. Only Me My daughter, as there is no one else. I am your refuge. I am your strength. I am your council. I am your teacher. I am your Father. I am Yahweh, Creator and Healer of all”