When My Heart Bursts is When My Mercy Will Cover the Whole of Humanity

received 24/12/2012 @ 12:35

Oh Father, the peace that has come over me is wonderful.  I can feel Your finger touching my heart.  Thank You for Your Words and for speaking to me again.  Many work to cast doubt in me, so many.  How Jesus overcame all He was put through is only because of His faith, love and loyalty to You.  I understand now more clearly His Words when He hung, dying on the cross, “Father, why have You forsaken Me?”  Even as the Son of God He became weary in this flesh.  Not because He doubted You but because of the flesh He resided in.  Lord, I know You have Your reasons for putting us in this flesh and I do not mean to question Your Wisdom.  As Your child, I know Your Wisdom foresees and has its purpose, but in this flesh I am taunted and haunted as to why any of us had to be born in this flesh to begin with.  You say we all come from You.  Coming from perfection, why were we placed in an imperfect flesh?  Couldn´t we have all just remained with You to never become corrupt? What is its purpose? I suppose this will be one of my questions upon my return. Then again upon my return, maybe all things will be made known to me.  I seek You God, I seek all through You.  There is nothing on this earth that I seek.  Only do I want to be surrounded by Your Angels, Your Saints, Your Light and Your Love.  Help me God, to always remain in You, in thought and in prayer with You.  Steer me in only Your direction.  Grab me before I fall Lord. Fill me with Your love, patience and understanding.  Let me only be with You.  Thank You Almighty Father for all the gifts and graces You have given me.  Than You for speaking with me. Thank You for loving me. Thank You for never leaving me. Thank You Yahweh, my love, my heart, my life, my all. Thanks be to You my Lord, My God.  How can I ever repay You for rescuing me?  You heard my cry and You reeled me in.  You gave me life again. Yahweh, My Father, my beautiful Father, I love You so much, so much that my heart breaks in pieces being separated from You.  All I can think about, dream about is being in Your presence.  Never leaving Your side.  Being held by You and told how much You love me. To be loved as to love with all my soul.  Oh Father how I miss You.  I just want to come home. I trust You with all that I am, You know this.  I just want to come home. It’s all I can think about.  My heart weeps and sobs for You.




Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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