Become Completely Reliant on Your Mother Mary and on Me, Your Only Father

dsc_2076_via_dolorosa_fourth_stationreceived 24/12/2012 @ 11:40

“Child, of My heart, you sit lonely on the day before the celebration of the birth of My Divine Son, your Saviour. Soon I come to remove all loneliness, all pain, all suffering that encompasses mankind. It is I who will give relief and joy to all who have believed in Me and held My Words and My ways close and dear to their hearts. It has never been My wish that My children feel lost, alone and in despair. My adversary has done all these things to My children. He has tormented them, tormented you child. All of the killing and suffering My world, My creations have and are now enduring are the result of his ugly hand. The day is coming quickly when My great and powerful hand will fall and I am going to restore the beauty, the peace, the calm My creations lived and felt.

Oh My child, never lose hope. Your heart is strong yet I see where you falter. You feel anger toward your friend, toward My shepherd and My chosen. You hold it in, close and private but remember child, your Father sees and hears all. The abandonment you are experiencing is only a fraction of what My Son felt during His passion and throughout His short life on earth. The only ones who remained true to Him was His Mother and His earthly father. They were the only ones in your world who never abandoned Him.

The lesson here child is for you to become completely reliant on your Mother Mary and on Me, your only Father. Do you understand child? What you feel is hurt. Hurt of the soul. Do not allow satan to turn this hurt to anger, which is of him. Allow the hurt, the suffering to turn your entire being, your existence to love of Mary, to greater love of Me. My love for you is why I allow this. Let go of all the human emotions which block and distract you from your reason, which is and always has been to return to Me. I know it is not easy child but through the graces I give you, it is all possible through the use of the free will within you. Offer the hurt to Me to save the souls of those who reject you, who reject Me through you. They struggle to understand the role I have given you because satan prompts them to distort, judge wrongly out of jealousy.

Have I not told you that all would be made to know that it is I who sent you amongst them? Trust Me child and surrender it all to Me. The tears that never cease to fall from your eyes are a gift child. Your mourn and hurt and suffer because you are chosen to do so. The grief you experience is small, yet large, yet beautiful child. Give it to Me at all times. You are in company with My Son, united in suffering for the salvation of the souls satan works to destroy.

The rest I give you now is the only rest you will know until My New Jerusalem descends upon this earth. So much is coming that will seem and feel like an eternity of despair but it will be for a short while. I need you strong, fortified and fearless, standing firm in My Truth. You will proclaim My Truth when the world has lost all hope. You will witness My Words, My Prophecies, My Gospels to all. And yes child the time will come when all I have revealed to you will unfold.

Do not be afraid for your Father keeps all His promises. You are My child and will return to Me for eternity. Be at peace child, only peace while you suffer for the good of mankind. You are under My protection always. Be joyful as you celebrate the feast of the Messiah. Put all aside on this day and give all honor and glory to My Divine Son. Heaven smiles upon the atonement you undergo for the salvation of My creations.”

Yahweh, Your Heavenly and Only Father

Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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