All Prophecy, all Sacred Scripture, all of My Divine Messages of Love will Culminate and Append and Resolve in Fatima

received 21/12/2012 @ 16:29

“Child, do you hear Me child?”  It is I, Yahweh, your Heavenly Father watching you as you struggle through the days without My voice.  Oh child of My heart, it is I and I have never left your side.

So obedient you are. You have arrived to the exact place your Mother made Heaven truly known to the world.  It will be the place where the world will once again know that Heaven, that My Kingdom is real.  It will be the place of refuge for all My children, My true followers.  Heaven will descend upon Fatima and will give peace and rest to My children wandering aimlessly in a distorted world of evil and chaos.  Return to the spot where your Mother appeared.  Pray the most precious and Holy Rosary without ceasing. It is not only the weapon against evil.  It is the communication line from earth to Heaven.

I am with you child.  You cry constantly as a child lost amongst the crowd seeking her father and mother.  Your heart aches for Heaven, for Me, your Heavenly Father.  I know it is difficult for you to truly know that I stand next to you because you cannot see or hear Me with your flesh.  Your faith is strong, which is why you continue and go where ever I lead you.  You know I am real. You know I am God.  You know I am coming to reclaim all that is mine.  This is why you continue to seek Me out.  If all My children sought Me as you do, My heart would mourn no more. Soon all in the world, to the four corners will know who I am.  You now walk on Sacred ground. Do not take it for granted. It is My gift to the world.

My Popes, all My Popes since the appearance of your Mother were made to know the importance of Fatima, to the existence of mankind.  All prophecy, all Sacred Scripture, all of My Divine Messages of love will culminate and append and resolve in Fatima.  You will witness My coming. You will see the Heavens open up and My New Jerusalem descend upon the Sacred grounds of Fatima.  Fatima is the only place on the earth that has not changed My Mass.  It has although succumbed to the whims of man and My coming will correct these matters.

Go child and spend more time with your Mother. She waits for you in prayer.  Be loyal My child and devote your life to the Rosary.  Your love for Me is strong and is all you think about and this pleases Me greatly.  Your love for Me is your path home child.  Your home is coming to you and you will see Me, not only with the eyes of your soul but with the eyes of the Heavenly flesh.  Make all preparations needed.  Tell My Holy Priests all I tell you. Tell them to prepare the way and ready My people.  My time to fulfill all Sacred Scripture and bring complete peace for all eternity to both Heaven and earth as I once again merge My Kingdom with the earth, the dimensions will become one and the glory and joy, love and peace that once was will be again.  Paradise is upon you.

Go child, do all I say.  Pray and love much.  Your Father will be with you soon.  Chosen child of My heart, repent continuously and remain in Me always.

I am with you child.  I am always with you.”

Yahweh, Your Father



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Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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