Pray for My Prophet. Pray for Yourself and Pray for My Followers

received: 09 October 2012 @ 4:05am

“Child, take your pen and write.  My time draws near as you know.  Your discernment is good and you feel My approach.

Work child. Now the time has come as I foretold you before.  Rest will not be something you will have.  It will become a luxury a grace from Me.  I work so you must work.

My children feel the urgency and they are communicating and helping to prepare one another.

Take the lead now child and deliver My Word.  Show them the comparisons of messages to My Prophet and all I’ve given you.  They will begin to see and they will all soon know that I have sent you amongst them.  Feed them child as if dropping feed along the roadside as you march.  They will eat and scramble for the tiniest of morsel as they will be filled with My Spirit and know you work for Me and My Word is their sustenance.  You are my servant and you have now begun to understand the fullness of your role. 

My Prophet is working day and night and soon she too will know that you are tied together in this mission to save My children.  I have sent you the help you need and more will come forward in days.  Delegate with the guidance of My Spirit. 

My Shepherd works as he knows who you are and he knows who My Prophet is.  He knows his role will be to lead the procession Home to Me.  Pray for him.  Pray for My Prophet.  Pray for yourself and Pray for My followers.  Offer sacrifice for My lost shepherds who will soon realize that I Am indeed within their shadows.  They will jump to My service at a loss of My Sacred Truth which I have been revealing all this time.  My Prophet works to publish everything in order she feed them. 

Child, My Pope is in danger and this he knows.  Pray for him and tell My followers to pray for him.”


“Holy Immortal God, Father of Mankind.  We offer our service to You, our lives and our own will to save our beloved Pope.  Preserve our Church, Your Church from the clutches of the evil one.  Father we plead with You to protect Pope Benedict XVI from all harm and agree to fast one day a week for his protection and the protection of the Church You so lovingly established through Your Son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ and our Holy Mother.”

“Go child, make haste. Gather My sheep and feed them, save souls”


Immortal and Most High God



Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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