“Begin the Proclamation of My Truth”

received 02/10/2012 @ 12 noon

Child, it is I Yahweh, your Father.  Come let us sit and talk.  As I watch you reading My Book and cry and pray, I also see your heart. Your heart is huge. It is filled with My love.  How much you love others is a joy within Me you cannot realize. You are in love with My children which is why you cry so deeply.  I too cry child.  You cry with Me. Did you know this?

I am allowing you to see small parts of what I see in My children in My world.  This is why your pain and suffering increases.  This is why you become uncomfortable and retreat into solitude with Me through prayer.  I Am your only comfort now and your soul longs to dwell only with Me.  This will be one day soon for all eternity child.

Now you must find the strength to continue and to allow what I show you to be in front of you. Do not shy away.  See what I see. Do not despair.

Prepare the cards of My Messages and begin nightly visits to the places I guide you to and give them out with the light of My love in your eyes.  So many are in darkness where you are.  Many will run to My light inside you, yet many and I mean many will shun, ridicule, mock and scourge you.  Be prepared and accept this task child.  You are stronger now and it is time to “Begin the Proclamation of My Truth” to My children lost in the world of deception.

I Am preparing the way and will provide all you need to achieve this in My Name. 

Do not lose heart when you see My cards thrown and trampled under foot.  My Word, My Truth muddied by ignorance will shine as a diamond in the sunlight for just the souls I am calling. They will pick it up, tuck it away and My Holy Spirit will guide them to withdraw it from their pockets and lead them to My Prophets site.  My Words will be consumed by them and they will spring to life.  There is much work to do before the Warning of Salvation.

It pleases Me that you are praying more. It pleases Me that you wear My armour with pride and confidence.  I Am with you child, do not be afraid. 

My Shepherd keeps his eyes on you as he is called by Me to do so.  He will keep you within the flock and guide you.  He will pick you up when you feel faint and he will not let you lag behind. He is My gift to you to help you in order you help Me. He works for your Mother, your Queen.  He works for Heaven and is guided by My Son.

Soon your roles will reverse as he will be called by Me and you will assist him in all that will be required of you.  The road to Heaven is a constant lifting of one another over the trenches.

You feel My peace all around you now as you have surrendered to My Will.

Go child and do all I say.  The gift of My peace will remain with you as you sound the trumpet, Proclaim My Truth and gather My sheep.   You see child, your Father knows all you need.”

Yahweh, Father of Mankind


received 02/10/2012 @ 12:40

“Child, do not allow the deceiver to rob you of My Truth.  he works to convince you that you speak to yourself when you know it is I Who is speaking to you. he perceives many souls he will lose to Me due to the work I have set before you. Do not listen to him. Cast him out and march to the Voice of Truth. My Voice. My Truth.  Fight child.  Fight him. Gabriel fights as does My Holy Angels to protect you in this work.  Kneel now and pray the Rosary.”

Yahweh, Your loving Father



Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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