Close Your Eyes And See Him Struggling To Stand With The Weight Of The Cross

received 23/09/2012 @ 15:00

“My child, take your pen and write. Heed My Words and My Command of you.  I Am your salvation and have been with you all this time.  So long have you wondered in amazement and uncertainty that it has been truly I, your Father speaking to you.  Now you know for certain that you have not the knowledge or the gift of writing such things.

You are again being cleansed of this world.  You are in the final stages of true separation from this world so you may enter My Kingdom leading My flock to the door, to the gate of Paradise. 

Yes child you will lead. You were chosen for this task before your first breath.  This world has hurt your soul, who you really are, but I Am the Healer.  I am healing all that has worked to remove you from My presence. 

Child of My heart your humility grows and your human ego subsides as I heal you.  Are you perfect?  No, nor will you ever be until your toe touches Holy soil.  You feel your unworthiness and you cry deeply because of your sins, your neglect not only to Me but to your brethren.

My Son’s cross is upon you and you suffer now in His name, in My name for the salvation of all souls.  Take hold, strong hold of this cross and carry it willingly with My Son. The graces you receive by taking hold of it with humility is beyond your comprehension.

You are My messenger. Little messenger of love, truth and pure faith.  You love My children as I love them because of the graces given to you before your birth in order you do My work and assist My Son to save My children.

Oh child of My heart with the fragile heart of glass.  You are stronger than you think.  Your exterior is tough but I, your God knows how frail you truly are.  You are protected by Me child so you can work and gather and feed and save My precious souls.

Every tear you cry is a saving grace for My lost souls.

Your remorse is heard, taken, accepted and My love is with you, in you and all around you.

When you think the cross is too heavy, think about My Son’s burden.  Close your eyes and see Him struggling to stand with the weight of the cross.  See His tears of blood pouring out on His face disfigured by the Romans set to destroy His flesh.

The strength I give you will ignite and you will lift the weight from His shoulder and assist Him every step of the way.  Do you hear Me child?  Do you now understand who you are?  I know your heart because I created it.

My time is so near child.  Go now and proclaim My Word, My Truth to everyone.  Let not one soul depart from you without feeling My love and hearing My Truth.  Prepare My children for My Son’s return.  Guide them gently with the gifts I have given you.

Sing the song I have given you. Let it reach the ears and the hearts of all mankind.

Your Mother watches over you carefully and lovingly.

What torments you  now is your understanding of My Kingdom and Heavenly matters.  These torments will remain so you never become lax again. They will be your motivation to continue. They will be your desire to return to Me. Never to fail Me.  They will push you harder because you now understand how it is you are to fear the lack of My presence in your existence.

Your loving Father knows how you ache to come home. I know everything child. I hear everything inside and out.

Serve Me in peace and only look to Me. Keep your eyes on Me at all times and bring My children home.  

When you are attacked be quiet and look to me. Speak to Me from your heart and I will speak and console you.

Prayer has been so difficult for you, yet know that every thought you have of Me has been a prayer and reverence to Me.  I Am your only judge child. Only I know you. Only I have the last say concerning your salvation.  You judge yourself harshly because you have now become fully aware of your weaknesses and your flaws.  But realize that when the time comes, I Am your only judge and only I will determine your place in My Kingdom.

So peace My child, go in peace. rest so you are prepared and strong and willing to assist My glorious Son in saving My flock from so much darkness.

The darkness works to blind My children.  Everyday it increases in degrees seen and understood by the souls who know Me, who follow Me. Although the world darkens and vision becomes obscured, My flock knows My voice and they will follow it through My prophet I have sent amongst you. 

Be the light of hope and shine My child. My little beacon in the abyss of night.  My love will beam from you as you help deliver My Truth. My love is the light and you are My lamp.  The graces I give you are My oil.  The more you love the brighter you become because your flame will draw from My oil.

Go My child and remember these My Words and know that I Am always   with you leading, instructing and guiding you in order you lead and guide.

Your loving Father,




Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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