You Will Hear A New Song And Only You Will Know It

Received 13/01/2012 (voice unknown)

“Become an advocate for God

Sing to the Lord a new song

Righteous is our God

Merciful is our Lord

Loving and consoling is our Mother

All judgement, honor and glory are His now and forever.


Our Master is returning

All who have pillaged and destroyed will be pillaged and destroyed

All who carry the sword will die by that sword

All who carry prayer will be saved by prayer

All who walk in faith will enter Heaven

Rejoice all you peoples of the earth

Pray for your souls

Cover your heads in shame of your sins and repent

Loosen satans grip through remorse and prayer

Free your souls and live life eternal with the Father

Drink from the fountain of life and eat from the Heavenly Host


Oh joyful nation among all nations, scattered around the earth

You will hear a new song and only you will know it

Sing it loud with joy and praise in your hearts

The heathen will run, they will hide, they will confer with one another in hopes of being soothed from fear

There will be no relief for them

They will be found and plucked out of hiding

They will stand in judgement and be envious of your new song

Sing oh Israel as you are bathed in God’s glory”