You Cannot Hide From Me, Don’t You Understand That I See and Hear All?

Monday 10 September 2012 @ 17:20

Lord as I sit here reading of Your childhood in Poem of Man, my heart is softened to a point of pure peace.  I love You so much.  There simply are no words to describe how I feel about You.  Your innocence remained with You.  What happened to mine? What has happened to all of us is such a tragedy.  How can we ever be worthy of You?  I fear for my soul, for my salvation.  Although I live a life for You now, the life I led before was selfish and only for me.  You are with me, of this I am sure.  You forgive me of this I am certain.  But I cannot hide from You my shame and guilt of days gone past.  Still there are moments where the flesh overcomes my soul.  Fighting day and night against my flesh has me tired and afraid I might lose this battle.  My thoughts are under control but if only one escapes the wrath of my soul, it takes my flesh into sin and there is where the real battle begins.  Oh Lord God, You know me. You know my heart. You know I fight. You know when I succeed and when I don’t.  How can I forever remain as pure as You did?  How can I become Christlike in this perverse flesh that fights me every step of the way?  Lord I cannot succeed in this flesh without You.  My soul is strong and willing to do only what You say.  You know this of me.  But this flesh consumes me at the most vaguest thoughts.  Save me Lord, please dear Jesus save me.  Please get me out of this flesh.  Thank You for hearing me Lord, I know You always hear me.

“Child, it is I Yahweh, do you hear Me child?  So much noise and so many distractions surround you today, these past days included.  Your Father misses your companionship.  Why do you put Me aside so often?  I hear your thoughts that are truly always with Me, yet you busy yourself with needless things as if to avoid My company with you.  Child of My heart, what do you fear in sitting with Me lately? Your Father knows all, so be honest with yourself.  Fear of Me, of My wrath is expected of you, but fear of My company is not. 

You are being tormented by demons and this you have sensed.  Use your heavenly gift of free will and cast them aside through Me.  I have all power and will not allow you to be subjected to what is not of Me, to what is not My will if you call on Me with your free will. 

Your flesh is your burden yes, but the strength of your soul is your guard, your internal power that is strengthened by Me.  Turn all desires of the flesh to desires for Me.  Continue to fight by using the weapons I have given to you. 

Love of the heart is real.  It is of Me.  You must protect the heart, the soul with this love.  The flesh wants to manifest this love and pervert it.  The soul wants to magnify this love to bring others to Me. 

Oh child of My heart, no it is not easy but you are armed and capable.  Do not succumb to the flesh.  Hold on to Me.  Talk to Me.  Do not hide from Me in shame.  You cannot hide from Me. Don’t you understand that I see and hear all? 

You are not broken child.  You are tormented.  Pick up your weapons and use them.  I am battling with these forces on your behalf, on all My children’s behalf.  Do not be afraid to love child.  Your soul, who you really are is stronger than your flesh.  Go in peace as peace is what I bring you.




Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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