You Too, As Well as My Shepherd Will Lose Vision

received 02/09/2012 @ 15:50

“My child, it is I Yahweh your Father. 

So saddened are you today.  So disheartened and distant.  Why My child, do you persecute yourself to a point of giving up?  Child I will never give up on you so do not give up on yourself.  Your Father knows all you are enduring.  The rejection, the scandal, the slander and the calamity of those you trusted and brought into your tender heart. 

Your discernment can be trusted child. Do not deny what you have been made to know. 

Yes child, My shepherd is also is confused concerning you. He grows weary and uncertain as you grow weary and uncertain.  It is all part of the cross which you both carry.  There will be times when all seems clear and times when you cannot see anything clearly.  Just as the blood from My Son ran into His eyes and His vision was blurred,  He stumbled and fell with the weight of the cross upon Him. You too, as well as My shepherd will lose vision.  You will stumble.  You will fall but child with My grace you will get back up and you will continue. 

satan works to confuse all I alone have given, of this you are aware.  But child, I will not allow evil to destroy what I have created.  I alone know your hearts.  I alone know every thought that has surfaced and turned your stomachs inside outward due to fear of betraying Me and disgracing Me.  Oh child, you are in the flesh and you will not be perfected until your return to Heavenly ground.  So do not condemn yourself. Trust Me to make all things new and good and holy.

Treading carefully along the path is necessary in order not to fall prey to satan.  But tread with full faith and confidence in Me, Your Father, who am leading you every step of the way.  I bring you only peace.”




4 thoughts on “You Too, As Well as My Shepherd Will Lose Vision

  1. I contributed my hour in adoration in your name this morning.  May we always be in each others prayers….

    I Love You,

      Cindy Diva Bags (337) 962-4681

    “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord”  Psalm 33:12    


    1. Hi Cindy, I am so happy to hear from you. You have been in my thoughts and my prayers. Thank you so much for your prayers especially at adoration. What a blessing as graces are so maximized during adoration. Thank you so much Cindy..for such a great gift. I love you too. You, Glen, Dion and Donna are in my daily Litany 2 Prayer which is full immunity from hell for all that are included in this prayer. Our Lord God gave us this Litany and told us to make a list of people to include. It is the greatest gift of Mercy that we have ever been given. Please give my love to all our relatives and let them know that I never stop praying for every one of us to all enter God’s New Era of Peace where we will be the family that we were always intended to be. Much love and God’s Blessings to you Cindy xxoo

    2. I pray for you and your family daily Cindy. Thank you for praying for me and mine too. God Bless you +

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