Pray this Prayer for My Prophet

27/07/2012 @ 14:05

“Child, it is I Yahweh, your Father in Heaven.  I come to thank you for your faithfulness in adoring My Son‘s mutilated body.  So much did My Son endure for the salvation of mankind.  So much does He still endure as a sacrifice to Me for the reparation of the sins of this world.  Without His sacrifice I would have lost all My creations to the hand of evil.

His daily sacrifice and reparation is a never-ending cycle in order to save you.  The acceptance, understanding, humility and pain that is yet to be understood by mankind.  Oh how much loyalty and honor My Son deserves from every soul is so tremendous.  How could mankind ever repay My Son, repay His Mother, Your Mother who greaves and suffers daily with Him?  Watching My Son’s wounds reopen and pour of His blood over humanity draws every tear from My eyes. How brave and devoted He is to the cause of saving you all.

Soon all pain and suffering will cease throughout the world I created and throughout Heaven.  Yes child, soon, very soon, all will stop and My majesty will be shown.  Every man will know that I Am God.  I Am the Creator and that I Am the Beginning and the End.  Truly this time is coming.

My Prophet suffers and she endures the pain and the agony with My Holy Family.  Pray for her child.  Offer much sacrifice as her spirit is bewildered with the world and her task.  She knows My hand is upon her and she knows that what I have called her to do is greater than she. 

Pray this prayer to bring her the strength she needs to fulfill, this mission for the salvation of mankind.”

Oh glorious Father in Heaven, hear our plea and our cry to You this day and every day.

Bless the prophet You have so lovingly sent to us, to give us Your Words, Your warning of Mercy, Your Love.

Grace her in abundance with the seven gifts of Your Holy Spirit so she may fulfill all that has been told and asked of her.

She is but one amongst billions, that You have chosen to help us achieve our rightful inheritance.

Guide her to the fullness of Your grace and the fulfillment of Your Holy Scripture.

Through the Precious Blood Your Son shed we ask You Almighty Eternal Father to bless her and strengthen her until all is complete.


“Go now My child, share My Words and pray much, much more.”


God the Almighty