Adoration of My Son’s Mutilated Body Will Not Cease


received: 19/08/2012 @ 13:40

” My child, it is I, Yahweh, your Father in Heaven.  Let Me speak to you.  Your Father knows your heart and it is filled with love for Me, for My Kingdom and for My children. 
My light is shining through you and it is noticeable to all around you and from afar.  Your prayer has increased therefore My light increases.  You see child how I work? 
Enjoy the sunshine I have brought to your country now as I know how much it pleases you.  You give to Me and I give to you.  Your pray for Me to spare your country.  I hear
all My child. There is much that can and will be mitigated through prayer and much, so much prayer is needed for your country.  It is small but how great and large are the sins
and curses from many, so many generations.  Much sin around the world manifested from the evil workings of the ancestors of  your country.
Yes, those of my true flock are indeed amongst you and the sacrifice and penance they do for the reparation of these sins and curses is much and felt in My Kingdom.  Many 
of My children with Me in Heaven pray for your country as it was once their own.  Heaven’s Queen works in your country to save Her children, My children from the 
chastisement earned by its iniquity.   Become closer to your Mother child and follow Her lead. She is indeed leading the way in your country in order it be spared. 
The priests and nuns that are within its borders are mine.  Many, so many are daunted by the inner workings of government and unnecessary politics within My church.  Their
stance is neutral, lukewarm.  Pray for them My child.  Earnestly pray for them because through prayer they will choose wisely and bring My flock to Me.  The church, your Mother’s 
church, struggles to remain as evil works to close its doors.  It is My true church and I reside within it.  There is much you know nothing about concerning it My child, for it is
not My Will that you be made privy.  My Will is for you to pray and sacrifice for My priests, My nuns and Your Mothers church,  My church.   
Out of all the churches in your city, I led you to the door.  Guard and protect it through your prayers. 
Many will flock to it very soon as they will be called by Me to do so.  Publish this message and give it to My priests.  They through the power of My Holy Spirit will know 
these My Words are truth.  They will prepare for the large congregations that will descend upon them.  They will open the doors of all the confessionals and adoration of My Son‘s 
mutilated body will not cease.  Vigils will begin for the salvation of souls as My Holy Spirit illuminates its walls and the hearts of men, women and children.  I will no longer
be denied or rebuked and My Son’s sacrifice will be honored, adored and glorified.
Oh child of My heart,  your work is only beginning.  Be an example, My beckon and never succumb to the snares and traps that will be laid for you. Give all glory and 
honor to Me, Your Almighty Father with a humble and contrite heart.  
You know the time draws near, My time draws near. The time when My voice within you, you will not hear.  Do not be afraid child as you know that I will always be with you.
You are ready to stand in faith and conviction and in My strength.  Trust Me to do everything I have promised and revealed to you.  
Give of yourself more freely child as times you are much too reserved with My children.  All I place in your path is for My reasons.  Work child and be in peace as peace is what 
I give you in order My scripture, My Divine Will is fulfilled.
I Am always with you.  Go in peace and serve Me,

Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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