Your World Is Turned Back To Front, Inside Out

17/08/2012 @ 13:56

“My little ones, it is I your Heavenly Father reaching out to you.  You are loved beyond your comprehension and I will soon reveal all My glory to you.  Be prepared My children. Cleanse your souls now and turn away from everything that holds your totality from Me.

So much has satan created to occupy your minds and hearts to blind you from the truth. My truth.  Never glorify his evil deeds which he works even through My chosen disciples.  Open your hearts, your eyes and your minds My precious flock.  Use the senses I bestowed upon you since the beginning of your creation.  Be alert and cast him from you.

I Am the only way home children.  Why do you fear My truth when your souls know My truth?  Oh how weak in spirit so many of you truly are.  Stregthen your spirits through prayer. Constant prayer. Prayer is powerful beyond your human understanding so use it.  It is the means that you reach the pure and chast heart of My illuminated Son.  He is the way back to Me your Heavenly Father.

Would you use a ship to traverse the roads or use a car to traverse the waters?  My children your world is turned back to front, inside out.  Work through the web of deceit satan has created and surrender your free will to Me.

Through surrender you will find the peace I will for you.  You will find the Door to My Kingdom.  Sit in silence with Me.  Allow your souls time and the quiet it longs for to reconnect to Me.

Turn off the noise.  It is all set to distract you, to bllind you, to snare your souls and rob you of your Heavenly home.

My children, I will not stop speaking to you through those chosen to reveal these truths until My Son returns to reclaim all that is mine and to gather My children who have used their gift of free will wisely.  I love each of you equally.  You all come from Me and are a part of Me.  How could I love one part of Myself more or less that the other?

Fight against the human flesh that is weak; that is ignorant to the mysteries of faith that only the soul knows.

Be of good heart My family.  Love and serve one another.  Forgive one another and beg for forgiveness. 
Be at peace with Me as peace is what I will for each of you”

I am always, always with you,
Yahweh, God the Most High


Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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