Trust Me, Really Trust Me

12/08/2012 @ 12:00

“Child of My Heart, your prayers have reached My heart and your Father understands all that you grieve.  Do not worry chid for I Am with you

You seek those in your heart to understand and believe you in order to save their souls.  But child, it is only I, your Jesus who can save their souls, who can make them truly believe .  You do the work I have set before you diligently and they have heard all you have said.  Now it is with the soul of their spirits that they must respond to My call.

My Holy Spirit is upon them and works to break down the barrier of false pride, envy, anger and even hatred within them.  Do not be surprised child.  Yes, your friend harbours even hatred for you now.  But it will not last.  The hatred comes from envy, from jealousy which has provoked anger within her.  satan works to convince her that she is right to house these feelings toward you.  My Holy Spirit, My Mother, your Mother, works to correct all that has been done to her by satan as he wants to rob her of her place in My Kingdom.  With her free will she must choose to admit these things within her and ask for forgiveness.  Do not worry child, only pray.  Your prayers can change everything.

The struggle you have with prayer is your cross.  It is your wanting.  Continue to pray and prayer will increase within you.  You now wake from slumber in prayer do you not?  My Holy Spirit works within you always, upholding My truths and giving you the strength you need to continue with Me.

Have peace My child.  Peace is what I bring you and what I want for you.  Peace is what I want for all My children.  Tell My children of the peace and love I want everyone of them to have.

I say, sacrifice of oneself for your brethren.  Do penance for one another.  Pray for one another. Unite with Me to overcome the evils of this world, to overcome all that torments each of you My little souls.

Oh how I love you all so very much and long to bring you into My heart, to bring you home.  You are My little souls, so young and tender and so wounded in your flesh.  Allow Me, Your Heavenly Father to work and to heal you.  Each one of you are so precious to Me, you just do not realize but you will soon. Daily I watch the struggles you all have My children as satan and his minions work to pull you from Me.

Through prayer and forgiveness he can never claim victory over you.  Remember My children that I have sent My grace upon you so you can help Me in this mission to save your brethren.  Never get lost in your own thoughts that this mission is to save only yourselves.  This mission is to save every single one of My precious little souls from the depths of hell.

lucifer knows his time is running out.  He knows My army is building to numbers and proportions he is incapable of handling.  Soon he, through his worldly workers will begin the slaughter of My lambs.

You are all a part of My Sacred Heart, you come from Me. So he works to destroy the lamb.  Those of you who fall prey to this slaughter, who are of My Heart will rise and return to Me quickly and you will no longer know suffering.

Those of My Heart who escape the slaughter through Heavenly intervention have a grave responsibility.  You are to house, shelter, feed, protect and pray for My children lost and running for safety. You must spread your tents and feed and nurture My children.  Minister to them and bring them to Me. Turn not one away.  When you feed, house, clothe and nurture them, you do this to Me. Do not be selfish for you have been spared in order you care for My sheep.  Do you understand?  Trust in Me and I will provide all you need.  Do not slip into the clutches of evil as this will be your greatest test on this earth before My return.

My children, all of scripture is rapidly moving forward as the blood of My unborn has drenched the streets of Heaven.  My Father can no longer hold back the chastisement due to this world. It is done, so please My children, do not lose hope or your faith in me, your Jesus.  The destruction of many parts of your world is upon you.  All that you now know will be no longer.

Those who die in sin in this flesh will lose life immortal for all eternity.  This is why your prayers are needed now for these poor souls.  Praying for these souls mounts so many Heavenly graces upon  you, yourselves.

Those who die without sin in this flesh will go through Me, who am the Door and will abide in My Kingdom forever.

Confess often My children, cleanse your souls of everything.  Hold back nothing.  Release your souls from the grip of evil.  Sit with Me daily in quiet.  In silence is where you will find Me.  Allow Me to ready your spirits for My Kingdom. 

Work hard My children to save your brethren and never contemplate how they see you.  Only concern yourselves with how I see you. My sight is the only sight.  Your souls know these My Words are truth.  Fight the flesh at all times and pray.  Always pray.  In your thoughts, in your work, in your sleep, Pray.

Take care of the bodies I have given you a they house your precious souls.  But never idolize your bodies, Never. Rest your bodies in order you are capable of doing My work.

Bless all that you eat and drink down to the smallest of morsels and thank Me after consumption.  Soon food will be scarce and you will understand true thankfulness.  Your trials and tribulations for the salvation of souls will not be easy.  The road is sharp and jagged but hold on to Me at all times. You are chosen to do this.  You will overcome everything if  you keep your eyes on Me at all times My children. Trust Me.  Really Trust Me, your Jesus.  I will never let you down. 

Prepare My children.  Keep watch My children.  Surround yourselves with My Angels by calling on them and asking Me to send them to you. My children, you are not alone.  You have never been alone. 

You will be home soon but now you must work.  As long as the Father works, you too must work.  Be brave and courageous and filled with love, peace, hope and forgiveness.

I am always with you,

Jesus, Redeemer of Mankind