You are My Childern and I Am Your Father

“You are My children and I am your Father.

Remain with Me and I remain with you.

This is My covenant.

Remain faithful to Me as all satisfaction is in Me. 

I will give you all you need. You greatly please Me so I will please you.  I will give you all you need. You give unto Me and I give unto you. I will give you everything. You will never need. I will make you feel what you have never felt before. I will make you long for Me with all your being. You will ache when you are not in My presence.

You will thirst for Me and only I can give you drink. Your hunger grows and that pleases Me. Feel Me inside you all over you. I will touch you through all My elements. I will give you all you need.  You are clean now and now I can enter.  It has taken a while for you to bath to cleanse. Now you are clean and your bridegroom awaits.

I will give you all for you have given Me your all.  We are one in all and the Father is one is us.”


2 thoughts on “You are My Childern and I Am Your Father

  1. If this is you, my dear Sister, then please send me an e-mail. Urgent – very urgent. A sister in need, with children. Hope you see this soon – I had no other place or email.

    1. Hi Oli… I have been thinking about you lately.. so I am very happy to hear from you… How are you? Are you still in the Philipines? If so.. are you okay.. and be safe okay sweet man… just pray and be safe. You are in my prayers, you know this.. let me know that you are okay. Big Hugs all around you Oli xoxoxox

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