I Give You My Strength And Fortitude To Walk With Me

Received:  22/04/2012 @ 16:40

Lord You know my heart.  You know everything.  I’m looking for You in everyone here but I am finding it hard to find You.  They pretty much all deny You even exist.  Those who do know You exist sit idle and allow the government to legalize everything that is not of You.  The country I once loved is becoming a country I can hardly bear.  My heart was happy here not so long ago but now grows tired and weary and very saddened.  I cannot seem to stop crying as I see so much sin surrounding me.  Those who once called me friend call me delusional for loving You and proclaiming Your Truth.  How long am I to stay here Lord?  I cannot return to where I was born as it too is infested with evil and is run by satan.  Where on earth will I find peace and harmony where You are King and all bow down to You?  Is the entire world insane?  Is there not one place where the people know You and love You as I do?  Am I really alone on this planet?  How am I to go on Lord?  I stand and remain in You always yet there is no one around me that even acknowledges You.  I am not a quitter Lord but I am tired of these pagans.  To be around those who love You is what I long for.  Those that do love You here, deny the Blessed Mother.  Those on the networks You’ve instructed me to join deny the Blessed Mother.  There are some who love You and the Holy Family and acknowledge the Blessed Mother and they are like a life raft for me.  My frustration is at an all time high and I find myself constantly bewildered.  The satisfaction I seek, I now accept is not of this world.  It is with You and only You.  I long to worship You and the Holy Family with my true brethren but where are they?  Who are they?  You want all these souls to turn back to You so desperately and You know I am trying my best to help You Lord but they don’t want to hear Your name, Your Truth or anything to do with Heaven.  As long as You work I know that I too must work.  I want to work Lord but I need rest from these people before their attitudes and behaviors provoke me into hate.  How is it humanly possible to love them as You do?  I’m trying Lord but am out of breath.  I find myself so alone anywhere I go.  Can I please come home soon?  Please Lord, there is nothing for me on this earth any longer. Thank  You for hearing me Father. I know You are always listening.

“My child do not be weary, I am always with you.  Your Father knows you are tired.  I know you long to return to Me. I too long for you to return.  It won’t be long child.  Can you not work just a bit longer to help Me gather My sheep?  You have helped save so many souls as it is.  You will see the rewards of your efforts in a short time.  Place all your trust in Me and only Me.  You’ve prayed for the grace of My wisdom.  You have received it which is why you see so much that others simply cannot yet see.  This is a gift which you need in order to do My work.  I know it is hard, I know you feel alone, so alone.  But child keep your eyes on Me at all times for you have never been alone.  You long for love and friendship yet you have it all with Me.  Stay on the path with Me.  Now is not the time to rest.  We will rest together when the work is complete.  So many taunt you, ridicule you, persecute you and speak so much injustice about you.  Do you think I do not see and hear what has, is and will happen to you?

Oh sweet child hold on to Me.  I will not let go of you.  There is no human being that will stand you up straight when you fall. Not one who will save your life of salvation and immortality other than Me.  Cry with Me, suffer with Me and lean on Me at all times.

Pray more and more as this is the  breath you need to keep going. Submerge yourself in Me and feel My embrace.  Those all around you are far from Me yes, but I love them and want to save them.  Help Me child and never give up as I never give up. 

The images I give you of your return are just as it will be.  Many are praying for you from Heaven.  Many know how you long for the peace you once knew.  Oh child your return will be glorious as you re-unite with all those you have missed for such a long time.  You are stronger and stronger everyday as I pour My Holy Graces upon you.  You feel the surges of strength as you fight and proclaim My Holy Name and build My Army.

Calm your spirit and continue with Me.  I chose you not because of your pureness.  I chose you because every trial I have sent you, you never stopped loving Me.  You have never denied Me.  Be brave and fearless and never mindful of the human threats.  Their threats are in vain.  All will know that I sent you.  All who have tormented and excluded you because of Me will fall to their knees and beg for forgiveness.  I give you My strength and fortitude to walk with Me. The climb is steep and I am holding your hand.  Do not be afraid child.  I Am smiling at you and drying your eyes.  My peace I give you in order you continue. 

Tell all My children of My Mercy, of My Love.  They have been denied My Truth and now they are alloted My Mercy and My Truth.

Stay close and pray much more.

Your Almighty Father



2 thoughts on “I Give You My Strength And Fortitude To Walk With Me

  1. God bless you. I understand your loneliness and frustration when sharing these good messages and you are turned off, ridiculed and ignored. I understand because I share the messages from http://www.thewarningsecondcoming.com It is the same story with me. But its not up to me to convince others to read or believe. It is mine to share the messages and pray. Pray for all the lost sinners and everyone according to God’s request. We pray and God does the hard part. Don’t get discouraged. We can’t save anyone, only God can, and our part in all this, is to pray. Let the Holy Spirit inspire them. My prayer life has increased greatly and like you I find it so difficult to see Jesus in other people. But if Jesus has asked you to do something, He will make it possible for you to succeed in His way. Jesus said ” Be perfect as your Father in Heaven in perfect” well ? If He saidit, then it must be possible. Not in the way we think of perfection, but in the way He, our Lord, thinks is perfection. So be perfect in every way in Christ Jesus by just following orders, obey, serve and rely totally on His providence. Like our Blessed Virgin Mary our Mother, be at peace because her Son is in charge and has you in His Hands. God bless.

    1. Thank you Patty,

      You seem to understand so much of what I am going through. God bless you so much for writing me. Please keep me in your prayers as even my best friend doesn’t believe me but I cannot go against the Father, not even for her.

      All will be revealed in God’s time and everyone will understand then. Until then I pray daily for humility, strength, courage, wisdom, knowledge, patience and discernment.

      God Bless you Patty, xo

Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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