Make Ready The Way For Your Creator

“My beloved children, oh how I look forward to the day when you join Me in the paradise I have lovingly prepared for you.  Will you come with Me now as I guide you carefully toward the gates of your new home for all eternity?  Will you take My hand as I call for you this last time?

What a glorious day it will be.  I look forward to seeing your faces alight with joy when you see what I have prepared for you.  You will rejoice and cry tears of joy and relief.  You cannot fathom what is in store for you.  No longer will any of you want or need or suffer illness, loss or death.

The reunion between you and your loved ones will be only a small portion of your reward.  Although many of you try to envision your inheritance, you simply cannot comprehend it with your human minds.

As My time draws near your flesh will weaken as the soul of your spirit strengthens, as it is indigenous to Me. The grip of the flesh over the soul is loosening as your courage, faith and determination takes precedence.

Do not be afraid My children, nor listen to those who continue to challenge you because you love Me.  While you work day and night to prepare for My coming do not lose sight of Your brethren.  Pray for them, love them, be patient with them, attend to them.

The number of souls lost will be many, as the number of souls saved will be many.  Have courage and trust in Me.

Life knows no boundaries with Me.  You are My children and I am your Father.  Make no mistake, I am coming. Make ready your souls.  Leave nothing unattended.  Confess, forgive, ask for forgiveness and love much.  Pray children.  Pray all prayers I have given you and keep watch.  I will come unexpectedly in order to reap the true harvest.

So much peace will you feel at home with Me.  Heaven will rest in relief once you are all home and out of the clutches of evil.  Be patient My children and do as your Father instructs you.  Oh how great your reward will be.

Even My creatures feel My approach as they too long for peace and security. By the hands of evil have they suffered and been denied respect by mankind being led by unpure forces.  My innocent creatures have survived and endured yet many have not.  All will be restored and My creations will again walk in peace amongst mankind.

Those of you who have struggled against these forces to protect them, will live to see them dwell in harmony not separate but along side you.  There will be no hunger and no need to hunt.  It will be again as it was in the beginning where need does not exist.  All will be bountiful, plentiful and peaceful.

My trees will grow strong and tall and happy and unafraid of mankind.  Mankind will never again know fear. Your children will never come to harm and you will never grow old and weak.

Life immortal for all eternity you simply cannot yet truly understand or comprehend, yet it exists and is the gift your Heavenly Father will give you upon your return.  All will be understood soon.

Prepare My children and help Me to prepare My flock.  Make ready the way for your Creator.

Foot soldiers for Christ; gather My sheep, help them make ready their souls.  Help Me to help them.  So many are still asleep, blinded or bound in chains of evil.

Do not lose hope and forever be patient with them as I have been patient with you.  Give them the love I have given you.

Do not quarrel and bicker over the details of My Sacred Scripture for not one of you, including My chosen shepherds have been made privy to every word, as I preserved this time to reveal its truth in order to save those worthy of My Kingdom.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Keep watch My children.”

Your Father will be with you soon


Thank you Father for these beautiful words of hope, love and trust.  My heart is filled and tears of joy do not cease from falling from my eyes.  I’m so ready to come home.  I’m tired of this world and the torments of evil.  No one believes me still Father and I worry for their souls.  They smile as if to pacify me and are convinced I am delusional.  My soul grows weary but I know I cannot give up on them as this is Your Will. Your Divine Will.  Give me the strength to continue on this path You have set me on Father.  No longer do I speak with the absolute expectation that they will believe me.  I know now they simply won’t.  I expect the looks of disbelief and the fierce opposition to You Word.  Only through Your Divine mercy will any of us have a chance to make it home.  I pray to You today for humility, much more humility as I forge through another day seeking Your lost souls.  I hope today is a less sinful day in the world for You Father.  Thank You for hearing me, I know You always hear me.

“My child, your task is large and I am with You every step of the way.  Do not lose heart My child.  Your Father knows it is difficult but I chose you to do this work where you are because you are capable.  Be at peace My child and trust in Me.  Your Father’s Will, will be done.  Give them all I give you whether they accept it or not.  Stand firm with the light of My love in your eyes.

I Am the Almighty One and all will be revealed soon.”

Your Loving Father



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Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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