You Must Make Every Moment The Time And Place For Me

Received 04/04/2012 @ 12:15pm

“My child, your Father knows the struggle you are now enduring for the salvation of souls.  If only one word can you muster, make it My Word.  So many souls depend on the work done by My messengers.

Your sorrow for being weak is felt but you are stronger than you think.  As time moves forward toward My great act of Divine Mercy your strength will weaken but do not give up.  Hold firm in Me and I will bless you in ways you cannot imagine.

Attend daily mass and receive Me. Confess often with full remorse. I alone know your heart. I alone know all that you battle daily in order to walk in My grace.

Life in Me is difficult where you are.  Oh My child, do you think Your Father would have placed you there if you were not capable?  With My graces you will achieve all I have set you to do.

You now know precisely where and how satan has been entering. Slam the door on him and fast lock it with the power of prayer. Pray all prayers being received from Heaven as every single one has a specific reason and were written with great love in order to save all of My family.

Remember Me in all you do and in all you say and see Me in everyone you meet.  Each person whether in daily life, school or work has been placed in your path by Me in order you feed them with My Word and My messages of love to them.

Do not be afraid child.  In your world there is never a time or a place for My Words to be spoken. satan has deceived so many including My elect and chosen. You must rise above this material world based on human pleasure only.  You must make every moment the time and place for Me. 

There will be fierce opposition and extreme ridicule and persecution. You will cry to Me in great despair.  Know and expect this in full preparation.

Suffer with Me child and give it all to me. Continue to give My messages to all priests and lay ministers.  Walk and talk to everyone with My love oozing from your being.  They will find it difficult to reject such love.

Be patient My child and do not allow satan to instill fear in you.  Pray to Me and I will answer.

We are in the midst of many battles as we approach the final war.  To keep your strength, to endure until the end, only prayer can feed you.

My graces are with you and all of My true followers.  Tell them child. Tell them how much I love them for each and every sacrifice and trial offered up to Me.

It pleases Me that your preparations are now complete.  Do not worry, only do My work and wait upon the day of My great Mercy to envelop the whole of mankind. The day of grace.

Endurance, spiritual endurance is necessary.  After My Mercy, so many will seek Me.  They will be starving for even the smallest morsel of My Divinity.  Feed them child with love and joy.

Your Father in Heaven, the Most High and Almighty Creator looks forward to the day His entire family is united and forms the one true body.

Be at peace and continue on the path never deviating from My Truth.



I AM all you need

Your Father in Heaven



Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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