My Son Gave My Children Back To Me

Received April 5, 2012 @ 14:00

Palm Sunday is the day Your Apostles stood so happy and redeemed as the crowds praised You and waved palm leaves and threw them to the ground as a carpet for a King as You rode past them radiating Your love on the back of a donkey and fulfilled scripture. The true workings of the Heavenly Father

Oh Lord, You knew then what lay ahead for You yet You still willing rode to Your slaughter in order to save us Your family, Your greatest and most precious creation.  How can we ever repay You or thank You enough for Your sacrifice?  So much did You love us then and so much do You still love us now.

Through these few years on this journey with You, I have learned so much Father. The blessing and graces You have bestowed upon me are so generous and merciful Lord.

When I dare to look back on my life and recognize every time I have sinned my heart, mind and soul grow so weary and filled with remorse and shame. Now knowing and understanding that Your crucifixion has never stopped but has repeated over these two thousand years.  The repeated scourging You  endure every time I have sinned causes me great agony and sorrow. When You submersed me into the agony of the soul of Your Mother, our Blessed Mother and then in Yours, Oh Father I thought I would die of horror, terror, desperation, sadness and helplessness.  Oh Father, they were so brutal and You were so gentle.  Father I am so sorry for everything I’ve ever done and for everything I’ve failed to do.  Please forgive me and have mercy on me Lord. 

Forgive us all for being who we have evolved into.  A species that is greedy, lustful, slothful, prideful, jealous and deceived by the father of lies.  We have all wronged you Father. We have turned our backs on Your sacrifice by embracing sinful lives and ignoring Your sacred scriptures filled with Your guidance and forewarnings.

Oh Father, have mercy on us and please forgive us as a people.  See through our ways under the control of satan and his minions.  See our souls Lord and heal all that is broken inside us and eliminate all that is not of You.  Save us from ourselves Lord, I beg you with so much love, remorse, hope and trust.

“My child, I Am the Almighty Father of all in Heaven, above, below and all around it and I will never forsake My own.

All of My children will have the opportunity to reclaim their salvation and rightful place in the Heavenly Kingdom. They will have this opportunity because My Beloved Son in Me made this unfathomable sacrifice. My Son gave My children back to Me by taking the sins of your world upon Himself in order you each be cleansed and purified and rendered worthy to enter Holy soil.

My Son’s sacrifice is the greatest event this earth has ever witnessed.  The fulfillment of scripture to come will be even greater as He spreads His Divine Mercy all over the world and envelopes you all with Heavenly Holy Love and Mercy.  How glorious and joyful will it be for My true followers.  For those tortured by evil and lost in spirit it will be their time of awakening and remorse.  The unfortunate multitudes that will not survive the extreme shock of this event, that have not yet turned their hearts back to Me by remorseful repentance will lose eternal life.  Those who have been confused will cry and sob with joy to finally know who they really are and from whom they come from.

Make ready your soul child and help those you meet make ready theirs.  Tell them what to expect so they do not die of shock before they experience the illumination of their consciences.  By loving My children, by loving each other, you are honoring and loving Me.

Go in peace child.  Your Heavenly Father is always with you. Tell all my children with the light of My love in your eyes.”

Your Heavenly Father who is the beginning and who is the end




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Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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