The Saints and Martyrs Await Their Redemption

Received March 18, 2012 @ 13:30

“My child, you are the strangest of My sheep and how I love thee so. You battle head on with your flesh and view it as a foreign entity surrounding your being, your soul, who you really are.  You have understood so much.  Many have yet to understand their true identities.  They do not yet understand that they are spirit of Me residing inside the human flesh.  This you know and embrace as My spirit of wisdom has taught you.

Child, there is still so much that you have not understood or embraced yet as well.

Your love for me is great. Your lack of understanding concerning the power of prayer is what fails you.  You must pray more. Much, much more. This is where satan restrains you.  If and when you increase in prayer evil loosens momentum.  It is indeed a vicious cycle.

satan has always wanted your soul.  You have been shown this when you were only young. Do you remember child?  All provided to you from Me in your youth, you believed everyone to have had the same encounters with Me and took them as exciting and natural.  Do you remember the prayers you prayed to Me? Do you remember our talks?  How you giggled with tears as I stroked your hair back from your face?  Oh child, I have always been with you and with all My children but this sinful world has taken so much from all of you.

Read again My Word given to you last year.  Your Father foretold you there would come a day when satan would work to confound you, to confuse you, to make you think I was but an illusion.  You stood strong and said you would never allow satan to take you from Me.  I am your Father and he is a liar. Keep your eyes on Me child and only Me.  Increase, Increase, Increase on your prayer.

The chastisement you are now experiencing is what must be in order to purify you. To be a saint , to walk into My Holy Kingdom you must be chaste and never quick to react in the name of righteousness.  You cannot be prompted, provoked or pushed into sin, into anger and bitterness.  Those things are not of the Holy ground I wish you to walk upon.  This must be purged from you as hard as it was put into you. There is balance in all things.

The man I placed in your path, who opposes Me, defies Me, denies Me, insults Me and does all these to you too is teaching you to forgive, to love anyway.  Child, My opposers tortured and crucified Me yet I forgave them and asked My Father to please forgive them. Forgive them because they had yet to come to the understanding because they had not learned how to open their hearts. When one sees My glory all understanding is with the soul, who you really are. My shepherd explained to you today to join in with me and suffer in order to cleanse, in order to save souls. Give it to Me.  Many, so many also suffer in silence with Me for this very reason.  Child, I was with you the whole time, we suffered together.

I know you search with your human understanding child but there is much that is not known or understood with the human mind. You must think with the soul of your spirit, who you truly are.

You are all of Me. Tell all My children to trust in Me. To confess often, to anoint themselves daily and often. Tell them to increase on their prayer with reverence and full comprehension of My Words they recite with  love bursting for their fellow-man and for the Divinity of God, of Me.

The banquet is prepared and the saints and martyrs await their redemption with great love and joy for the Heavenly Kingdom.

Tell My bride that all lamps must be full. I do not want even one of you unprepared and miss the Heavenly banquet.

Prepare children.  Your Father will be with you soon.

My mercy extends to all.  God is with you My children.”

Your loving savior,

Redeemer of  Mankind



2 thoughts on “The Saints and Martyrs Await Their Redemption

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    1. Hello and thank you for your note. I only have this blog as I am trying my best to get Our Lords Messages out there. Any help on how to reach more of His children is always appreciated. God Bless you and Peace & Love xo

Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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