I Am The Shepherd and These You Harm Are My Flock

received 04 March 2012 @ 14:15

Hell is real!  Demons are real!  You must all realize what lies before you if you do not fully turn your hearts back to Me.

I weep in sorrow seeing and hearing those of My very flock gossiping, discrediting and denying My Word sent to you in these times of Tribulation by My chosen messengers.  Yes, My chosen messengers!

You treat them in the very way My prophets and messengers were treated in days past.  You convince yourselves of your own worth and value in My eyes.  How do you think I see you, conducting yourselves in this way?  You come to My house and beg for forgiveness, receive My Body and Blood, then leave My house with a self elevated status in My Heavenly Kingdom.  You in turn deny My Sacred Warnings, My Messages, My Word, My Truth by accusing My messengers falsely, leading even more of My flock to damnation.

You say you know Me with such conviction! 

Do you think I do not know what truly moves your hearts?

If you really knew Me then you would believe Me.

Through My prophets of old, you have been told of My coming and how I will give visions and messages in order to prepare My flock worthy to enter into My Kingdom.

Woe, to you hypocrites I say!  My wrath comes swiftly without warning.  You are likewise as the Pharisees who crucified My Son due to their lack of faith and understanding of My Word.

You fill yourselves with the bowl of My wrath as you prevent My true followers and your stifle My messengers.

Do not say to Me that you are faithful.  For if you were faithful you too would be saving souls.

Redeem yourselves in My eyes Now for there is little time remaining to the world as you now know it.  Why do you tarry and live life as if My Word is void?  My Mercy extends to all who hear My Voice, who heed My Warnings, who prepare not only themselves but My flock, who fast in remorse for their sins and the sins of their brethren, for those who suffer the agony of the soul as I do watching My children run amok!

You boldly deem yourselves worthy of My Kingdom while forbidding and denying all My children My Truth!

I Am God, the Almighty, Who will show His arm to those who oppose Me and My Blessed messages of warning and preparation to My children in these, this time called Tribulation.

Repent and make good all what you have stained and broken!

Do not think that you can continue on this path then expect Me to forgive you. Have you not understood anything?

Hell is real and awaits you should you refuse My Graces and Gifts or block them from My children.

Run to My shepherds and plead for absolution Now for you do not know the hour of My return.

Should you not survive My Great Warning with this sin on your souls, My Mercy cannot help you.  My Mercy is for the living.  Don’t you understand?

I want you with Me for all eternity but I also want the whole of My flock.

Those who cause Me to lose even one of My children will surely spend eternity in torture, torment and suffering.

I am calling My own Now.  Do not set battle against Me and prevent My Truth reaching the ears of My kin.

I have cleansed this world and will cleanse it again. There will be no stain, no sin, no evil.  It is finished!

My Kingdom is coming.  Make no mistake. 

Do you think My Son gave you My Prayer as a nicety to you?  Understand My Prayer and what it is that you daily recite.  Do you think My Words are idle and have no consequence?

Woe to those of you who esteem yourselves in the eyes of others, making yourselves gods amongst men!

Woe to you who seek Me not!

Woe to you who laugh, ridicule, spite and persecute My prophets and messengers!

Woe, Woe, Woe to those of you who distort My Truth and convince My flock that they have nothing to concern themselves with!  Who convince My children that My messages are false!  That I am not preparing them for My coming!  You shall be held accountable not only for your sins but for the iniquity of all you betrayed in faith and there is much, much iniquity.

I Am the Shepherd and these you harm are My flock!

Hearken unto Me for the time of repentance and penance is Now.  Later is too late.

Your Father has spoken. 

This is My Word.”

Jessuah, King of the Holy Kingdom


Child, tell My priests to prepare My flock.  My true shepherds will understand these My Words.

Thank you for heeding My call child.  All will be cleansed soon. Be at peace child,

Your Father is with you



7 thoughts on “I Am The Shepherd and These You Harm Are My Flock

    1. Hello and thank you for your note. You are more than welcome to share His Messages with any and everyone as they are for All God’s children. God Bless you and Peace & Love xo

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    1. Hello and thank you for writing me. You are more than welcome to share His Messages with any and everyone as they are for All God’s children. God Bless you and Peace & Love xo

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      I will of course pray for you. Please pray for me too.
      We are all in this human flesh together and we are all trying to get home to Our Lord.
      We need each others prayers.

      God Bless you and Peace & Love xo

    2. Hi Jeniffer, Thank you for your post. You and your family are added to my daily prayers. I thank you in advance for keeping me in your prayers too. God Bless you and Peace & Love xo

Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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