Tell All My ChildrenThat The Banquet Is Prepared

received:  Friday 02/03/2012 @ 14:00

Dear Father In Heaven,

So much have You revealed to me.

So much grief and sorrow that You feel watching Your children pull further and further away from You, from their true love.

Lord, my heart is completely broken as I feel Your sorrow and see You suffering.

Your sacrifice was so great, so brutal, so painful.  Oh, how You suffered and are still suffering.  If only mankind would realize what they are doing to You by turning away from you and denying You, by disregarding Your sacrifice.

My God, My beautiful Father.

How heavy Your cross and the burden You carry in order to bring us into Your Holy Kingdom.

How can any of us be worthy of You?

We are so flawed and confused and weary in this human flesh.

You have given us wisdom and knowledge and You’ve reached out to us from Your Heavenly abode with gentleness and so much love.

If I could be perfectly pure I would no longer break Your heart. You know how much I love You and how desperate I am in this world.

Only prayer can save those who laugh and taunt and ridicule with so much venom when hearing Your beautiful Messages.

Even I who love You more than I could ever explain, am guilty of hurting You, re-opening Your sacred wounds and leading Your children from their rightful inheritance. You have set me straight and have forgiven me my transgressions yet I still carry in my heart so much guilt for everything I’ve ever done that has ever hurt You.

Lord, when I look around me and witness Your flock acting and sinning as I once did, I want to scream out loud, “STOP, YOU’RE KILLING HIM.”

I realize I cannot get angry with them or judge them because before I could hear You, I too was guilty of their very sins. So I pray and weep in sorrow with You.

Oh Holy, Mighty One, You who are all perfect, pure and sacred, spare me Lord through Your Mercy.  Please spare me from the fires of hell. Cleanse me Lord and make me worthy to come home, please.  I cannot do this without You.

My soul is longing to be with You and is weak and broken in this world. Help me Lord to stay with You on this path. Help me Lord to love and forgive fully as You do.

I am but dust and water without You.  Bring me out of this world into Your Kingdom Lord.  I beg You Lord, please don’t leave me here.  I don’t want to be here Jessuah.  I want to come home.  Please Lord remember me.

Thank you for hearing me Lord, I know You always hear me.

“My child, your prayers are sweet fragrance to My nostrils. Remain always in Me child and sin no more.  Your Father knows your heart.  I am always, always with you.  Tell all My children that the banquet is prepared.  Be at peace My child.”

Your loving Savior, Redeemer of this world,




Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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