Go and Sin No More

“Now that you understand the delusion that will over take mankind should he not turn his heart completely, back Me, incorporate what you have been made to experience and what you have been shown, into every aspect of your life.

So deluded and blind will mankind become, that they will literally throw themselves into the pit with complete confusion and discard.

Oh My child, it grieved Me so to place you in that situation as I watched and heard your lost cries of despair.  This lesson was needed within your core so you would overcome the daily temptations of human life.

Your Father knows how much you want to return to My Kingdom and live life with Me and I want nothing more than for you to walk tall and live life eternal in the Paradise I have promised all of My children from the very beginning.

My scripture is now embedded within you so that temptation will no longer delight even one part of you.  This is My grace given to you according to your just measure.

Be at peace now My child and go and sin no more.

I am always with you.” 

Your Guide, Your God, Your Almighty Father in Heaven watching all things.



Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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