I Tell You Now, I Am In Everyone Of You

received:  28/02/2012 @ 1:45am

Twins, of all My children understand the connection that I feel toward all My children. 

I have a reason for My twins.

Through them, is a sign to all, that the human flesh may look similar but every person has their own soul and each soul has free will

They may grow and divide in the flesh but with their free will they determine their paths.  No matter the paths they individually take the connection and the bond remains.

This is the example to you all that I give so you can come to understand that you all come from Me.

You grew in My Spirit and divided and entered the human life  but the connection and the bond I have and you have for Me remains.

Understand from whence you came.  You are part of Me and I am in you. 

How could any of you think that I do not love all parts of Me?  Parts of Me manifest and growing in human flesh!

Could you look at your hand and say, I do not love you anymore and cut if off swiftly?  Could you say to your heart, you grieve me so and tear it out of your chest?

No you could not.  Nor could I cut any parts of Me off that are well. 

I love you My children and I want you happy and freed from the burdens of this world.

I want to bring you peace and joy.

Heaven is pure joy.

Heaven is pure happiness.

Heaven is love beyond your human comprehension.

Oh, how I long for you all to walk into Heaven and come into My Kingdom.

Learn to tame your free will down to your very thoughts for the good and the good only.

This eliminates evil My children.

Unite as the One True Body in Me that you are.  Connect to one another.  Learn how to send love back and forth all the time to one another.  Look for the good, which is me, in one another.

I tell you now, I am in everyone of you.  Sometimes buried but I am there.  This is why I have told you to love one another because when you do, you love Me.  When you don’t,  you stop loving Me. 

When you feed, clothe, shelter, help or nurture one another you do these things to Me. 

When you disregard, slander, defame, physically hurt, verbally abuse, disrespect or deny one another, you do these things to Me.

Do you understand children?  Your Father wants you to understand.  If you don’t, ask Me for the gift of the Holy Spirit and the gift of Wisdom.

Open up My children.  Open your hearts.  Sit quiet with Me and Only Me.

Connect to Me.  Feel Me move within your souls, who you really are.  Feel My love surge through you.  Connect to all things living as all comes from Me.

Open your hearts and enter into My Sacred Heart where you belong.

Understand how you are a part of Me and everyone and everything living.

Using your free will for the bad, even in your thoughts separates you from your source of life which is Me.

Dwell on these Words My children.  Read them over and over until you truly comprehend what you are reading.  Here rests one of the mysteries of Heaven.

As you begin to open up and to understand who you really are and from whom you come, many realizations will take form within you and you will begin to understand the power of love and how the power of forgiveness strengthens and deepens love, which is Me.

I come to you in peace and love, to begin to prepare you further and more intimately, so you will grow into your roles as My Holy Army, My Holy People, My Chosen.”

Your Heavenly Father


Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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