There Is Nothing I Will Not Provide For My Own

received 16/02/2012

Lord, I’ve woken with a new strength inside me. Alert, aware, stronger than I’ve ever been in my life. Oh Lord the inner strength and peace is overwhelming.  Thank You for answering my prayers and providing me with the grace of strength and courage. I am so at peace yet filled with determination to stand for You at all costs. You are so powerful and so gentle at the same time.  I am so totally Yours and committed to the path You have placed me on.

satan is surrounding me bit by bit again as You already know.  Through publishing and sharing Your Messages in my work place and my personal life I can feel the spiritual battle going on around me.  My senses are on high alert. You have shielded me and protected me my entire life which allowed me to travel on my own fearlessly. You have guided me to places that even some men I know would never enter.

You have shown me hell and You have shown me the sufferings of purgatory. You have shown me the garden one passes through before entering the gates of Heaven. You have shown me Your wrath against evil so I would learn to fear You and beg for Your mercy.

I trust in You and Only You Lord.  You have carried me my entire life and have blessed me with so much. How can I possibly thank You for making these blessing spiritual and not material.  You have given me life in You over this world. You heard me screaming and grieving in the darkness and You saved me.  I am eternally indebted to You. I give You my life. I give You my all.  I am Yours to do with as You will Lord.

Reveal Your endless mercy to all of mankind sweet Jesus. I pray they begin to understand the power of their free will and tame it for the good and only the good which will stop evil in its tracks.  They don’t understand this gift. They don’t understand that You can never interfere with mankind’s free will. They are yet to understand that they must use their free will and come to You willingly and humbly.

So many of all walks of life of all nations believe that You are just a myth and ancient story book character.

Oh Lord there is so much work and I’m overwhelmed at just how many satan is controlling without their knowledge.

I beg of thee the grace of Your Holy spirit to speak through me the right words to awaken the lost that You so desperately seek.  Your love for them is so great if they only knew.  I’m only in one city. I cannot imagine how You feel looking upon the whole world.  My heart bleeds for You and for them.

Oh behalf of all people Lord, I am so sorry we continue to re-open Your wounds and cause You so much suffering.  Please have mercy on us.  Have mercy on the countries we live in as we are being led by satans minions without our consent.  We are living in a vacuum, a vicious cycle of evil.  Help us Lord to help You.  Show us Your mercy and send all Your faithful and loyal followers the grace of Your Holy Spirit so we have Your Words when reaching out to our brethren in order they turn back to You before it’s too late. I ask this dear Lord through Your most grevious wound on Your shoulder and the sacred blood You shed for all our sins. 

Thank You for hearing me Lord.  I know You always hear me.

“Kelly, My child.  Calm your spirit and feel My peace.  Your Father is happy to give all graces to His children.  All that is asked of Me now during this period of grace will be granted if in accordance to My will, to all My children.

Tell them My child. Tell them to come to Me.  There is nothing I will not provide for My own.  I am your Father who loves you all.

Teach them how to tame the gift of free will.  Show them.  Tell them all you have been shown and given.  Give freely what I have given to you. 

Love My children and through example show them how to love one another.  How to forgive. How to unite as the One body in Me that they truly are.

Be at peace My child. Continue with My work.  My graces are upon you.

Your Loving Father in Heaven”



Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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