Let Go Child. I will Never Drop You

received: January 24, 2012 between 13:00 – 14:10

Thank you for answering my prayer and getting me to mass Lord.

Father de Ojeda was saying mass. I get such a reverent feeling around him ever since I saw him the first time years ago. Is he the priest that will lead me and that I am to help? Lord You know my heart and You know I now look at every Priest in hopes he’s him.

The guilt of failing as the messenger haunts me although I know You forgive me.  Lord I’m such an unorganized messenger.  No one believes me.  I think Jenny may but her reservations are high which I can understand.

All of a sudden I haven nothing to write. Everything seems to have stopped. Is this Your hand at work Lord?  Is now when I sit still?

“You are never to sit still.  You must work as I work.  My children sit in ignorance of their surroundings.  satan has made the neon lights and games and toys and entertainment the God of this world.  My children are as if in a trance, mesmerized and deceived to believe that what they see is all there is. 

Very few break through the barriers set up to delude you from the truth.  My Truth.

My child, My hand was in removing you from the world you once loved and even cherished.  I know the blow was hard.  I know how lost and confused you were.  My intention was not to hurt you but to heal you and to nurture you back to your original form. 

The prayers prayed for you by others over your lifetime are very many. 

You pushed away from Me further than you had ever been.  The day you finally woke, you screamed out from the depths of the abyss of darkness.  You realized  it was not I who left you but you who left Me.

Your remorse was great and desperate.  the fragility of your connectedness to Me terrified you and you screamed louder and begged for My mercy.

My child that is a day I will always remember.  Weak and heavily burdened you still hung on with the faith of My saints.  You knew I would rescue you and bring you closer to My heart than you have ever been.

You surrendered to Me like the child I created.  I know the world was hardening and intimidating for you but you needed to become braver, stronger and fearless in your statute before all else.  You have been chosen since before your birth to be a part of the fulfilment of My scripture. 

You Are the Messenger.

You have not yet fully understood but you will My child.  Your inner strength is of Me.  It is a strength built on sorrow, grief, despair, suffering and loss.  These trials have strengthened you in Me.  In Me is your only comfort and your refuge.  You are mine. 

You are not perfect and certainly not pure but you strive for it as every thought, every word is faced with judgement through your free will and discernment, when approaching your being now.  You are praying more as you feel the loss of My daily messages and visits.  I feel you yearning heart, mind, body and soul for me.  You thirst and hunger for Me and only Me.  Oh My child all is unfolding within you in the time I so desired.

Trust Me child and again surrender fully to Me.  You cling to the world by a thread.  Let it go and come into My Sacred Heart fully, willingly and completely.  Let Me love you back to perfect pureness so you are worthy to come home.  Worthy to walk into paradise with your brethren.  Let go child.  I will never drop you because I am the one who has been holding you all this time.

Come to Me child.

Come to Me and rest.  Give Me all your burdens. Allow Me to fully heal you.

Trust in Me and only Me.

I am the one you have loved from the moment of your creation.  I  am your creator. I am who will always love and protect you.  I am your Father in Heaven who longs for your return.

Come to Me child and feel My peace.

I grant you peace.

Your loving Saviour,




2 thoughts on “Let Go Child. I will Never Drop You

    1. Thank you Karen. I too find so much peace and love in them.
      What you are getting and feeling from these messages is precisely what Our Lord wants
      all of His children to feel.

      God Bless you and Peace & Love xo

Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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