Through My Son’s Mercy Only, Will My People Walk Into My Kingdom

received:  19/02/2012 @ 16:28

“Kelly, My child.  You sit in thought of so many things.  Your heart is very heavy My child as you feel only a tiny fraction of what My Son feels.

The agony of the crucifixion of both My Son and the Blessed Virgin was much deeper as you now know.  The agony of the soul is far worse than the agony of the flesh.  My Son and His Mother, your Mother, suffered in ways still not understood by even My Shepherds.  Everyday of every year since; My Holy Family has suffered and endured the sin of this world.

It is time the Holy Family have peace and tranquility again.

Sin has surmounted and My children, My true flock are now at risk.

My child, Your Father can no longer sit idle while satan pulls My Sons limbs apart again.

I can wait no longer.

My child, I know your fears and the anxiety you house.  Know at all times that I, your Father in Heaven, Who has cradled you from the beginning will never leave you.

What happens on this earth will happen but you will come home. Do not be afraid child. Trust in Me and only Me.

Continue to increase your prayer. Continue to beg for forgiveness for everything, for the world, down to your very thoughts.

Never allow satan to weave his way back into your life. He will stop at nothing to destroy you, to take you from Me.

Remain in Me and I will remain in You.

Beg My children to control their flesh, to tame their free will, to forgive, to ask for forgiveness and to love one another.

Jessuah suffers gravely and My heart is wrenched with despair.  My wrath will be harsh My child. It can be none other.

When you see My children, My sheep of My true flock fall, do not despair.  Gently help them up and guide them back into the fold.

There will be many child. So many that will wander homeless, hungry, defeated and without hope.  You will look upon them and your heart will break and your stomach will turn from the inside. You will understand the true agony of the crucifixion.

satan will enter and work night and day to convince you I do not exist. I tell you this now so when the time comes, you will remember these My words and you will speak and give My people hope.

In days of past I would speak to My prophets of things to come in far off times and they did not understand yet they wrote all I told them in order to prepare the generation to come by living Holy lives.

Today I am speaking to My prophets fulfilling what I foretold and was written.

I do this in order to save as many of My precious souls that thirst for the truth, who wander aimlessly in this world not understanding their true purpose. They are easy prey for evil and now is the time I am calling and waking My Holy Army in order to save souls.

Through My Son’s Mercy only, will my people walk into My Kingdom.  If it were not for His Mercy, Heaven would be empty.  As it is, hell is over flowing with souls lost to me forever.

Oh child, stay strong. Stand strong. Do not be afraid.  Although you cannot see Me in your human thinking, you hear Me with the soul of your spirit and this pleases Me and comforts My Sons wounds.  By spreading the devotion to His wounds you are saving souls.

Be at peace My child. Today is a day of rest. Tomorrow will come soon enough.”

Your loving Father who is always with you.


Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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