My Priest Will Know My Voice Through My Words

received:  Monday, 13/ 02/ 2012

“I come to you in love, mercy, forgiveness and understanding. We begin again.”   

This time I will provide one of My shepherds to lead and guide you.  I know you are afraid because you do not know how to proceed in this world in order to accomplish what I have commanded you to do.  You are mainly afraid because you feel alone. Very alone and isolated amongst millions.  My child your love for Me, your faith in Me, Your trust in Me will bring you home.  Listen to the prompts of My Holy Spirit and your Guardian Angel.  Follow them.  

The vices you hold on to will be taken from you so you can proceed. These vices have sustained many things in you during your human life but you no longer need them. You are no longer captive to this world.  The world you are now in will be no longer after My Second Coming.  Heaven and Earth will merge into the Paradise I created and is now prepared so I can finally fulfill My promises to My loyal and faithful followers.  The world as you now know it My child, will not be much longer.

This is why My children must let go of worldly things, turn their hearts back to Me and accept the purification humbly with remorse so they are worthy of their promised inheritance.

My Priest will know My Voice through My Words. He will guide you as He too is aware as you are of the Spiritual battle that We are in. He too is a Warrior for Me as you are. He will know what to do because as My Shepherd and the distributor of My Most Holy Sacraments, he is one I alone called and prepared to lead My True Church back to her rightful place.  You will help Him and serve the Church. My True Church hidden beneath the anti christ.

My Word WILL reach every ear. Trust in Me child.  There is a reason and a purpose and a means to all your Fathers plan. My Church will NEVER fall and My flock will walk body, mind and soul into My Kingdom on earth and I the Almighty God and Father will reign for all eternity and you will live life eternal with Me in love, joy and everlasting peace.

Stand Firm My child and follow Me and only Me.

I Am you God, your Father

I Am merciful and all loving.

I Am reclaiming All My creations.

Go in peace My child and prepare all I have instructed.

Your Loving Father

Creator of Mankind

Father of Yeshua, the Christ



Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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