Pray More Child. Pray For Yourself. Pray For My Children

“You do make Me laugh My child. Watching you prepare to write for Me.  You are My child.”

Oh Father I get so excited and drop everything without a problem.  :o)

You know my heart.  Oh Lord You also know my questions.

I know the vision You gave me of this city will happen. I believed you then and I believe you now. Even though nobody believes me, I believe you.  I’ve learned to laugh at their disbelief and only pray for them. I can only forgive them and love them now, thanks to You.  :o)

Lord, my question is when do I leave here and where do I go?  I have no idea. Am I to drown with everyone and rise when You call me to be judged?  Or will I be in the cave You showed me?  Oh Lord, You know I want to survive both spiritually and physically.  But I also know and accept that it is Your Will that will be done. I hope Your Will and my will are the same is all I’m saying.  :o)

I’m laughing at myself right now as You know.  I’m chicken but I’m not one to give up when it comes to surviving as You know.  You made me this way.  You tell me not to fear and I smile because I trust You and I find myself letting go of control and giving it completely to You.  I just pray I can relax and let go this easy when in that situation live, in real-time.

Lord if I am going to survive, if that is Your plan, please tell when to go and where.  This weighs on my mind, my heart and my souls and creates fear within me.  I know fear is not of You, so Lord please help me with this so I can be at peace.  Thanks for listening. I know You always listen.

“You haven’t packed your backpack yet.  Pack what I have told you complete. From there we will go further.  Make haste My child.  You must stop tarrying and proceed.  All will be revealed soon. 

Trust in Me and only Me. Let no man or woman deter you. Trust in Me.  I will not leave you orphaned. You are mine. There is still much cleansing to do and cleansed you will be.  Have faith My child and stand strong as satan also knows I am coming. He prepares to thwart My Divine Mercy by twisting and distorting My Words. 

Stay at the church I have sent you to and have given you.  You know I am present yet understand not what My Priests say.  You love and reverend Me in prayer which pleases Me.  Continue to receive My Blessed Sacraments and continue going to My house of prayer.  I am always with you child.  It is My Will that you not understand their speech and remain in prayer with Me.

Pray more child.  Pray for yourself, pray for My children.  Especially pray for the young and pray for My children captured and under satans spell.  Many will no longer reject Me or deny Me in order to feel a part of something of this world.  My children have been left to fend for themselves, unarmed in the spiritual and the physical realms.  They have been easy prey for satan and his dark spirits.  Pray for them in great depth.  I need your prayers.”

Oh Father, I will pray hard and always for them.  I will pray for myself and all of Your children.  Lord please don’t think that I doubt You.  I know that is how I must seem but You know my heart.  I’m alone here and I pray there are others here who are preparing and listening to Your messages.  I trust You Lord and I know whatever happens is Your Will and that is all and enough I need to think about.  Thank You Lord, You are the best teacher.  Please give me the graces of strength and courage Lord.  I ask this through Your most grevious wound on Your shoulder.  My Lord Jesus Christ, I love You so much and want to please You more than anything.   Thank You for hearing me Lord, I know You always hear me.”

“My graces are upon you.  If only all My children would ask for My graces, My heart would heal.  I will pour My graces on all who ask them of Me.  Tell My children child.  Be at peace and prepare.  My time is upon you and in My speaking, Scripture is fulfilled.

Your Redeemer.

Your Salvation.

Your Only Saviour and Loving Father.

Go My child, share My Words and save souls. 

My Spirit is with you.”


One thought on “Pray More Child. Pray For Yourself. Pray For My Children

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Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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