We Will Stand Firm In The Voice Of The Lord

Mankind cares only for the human body.  Mankind must care for, really take care of, who they really are, which is spirit.

Wisdom is a gift that God alone will send if it is prayed for and if it is the desire of a humble heart.

Our Lord has told us throughout His Messages to pray for the spirit of wisdom.

Have you?  Have you heeded Our Fathers Words and His Requests of us?

In these times of now He has reached out to us from His Throne in Heaven to teach, prepare and guide us.

He has established His visionaries and messengers to reach His children through pure Holy Love and Divine Mercy. 

He has sent the Queen of Heaven, the Blessed Mother, the Mother of His Only Begotten Son, our True Mother to give us His Messages of peace and love. 

Through Saint Pope John Paul II, He showed us His Staff.

Through Sister Faustina He revealed His Divine Love and Mercy.

Through His modern-day messengers He is placing His very Words and Wisdom within your reach by a click of a button on your computers.

He has sent forth great shepherds, priests, nuns and lay people to nurture and guide us to exactly where we are now within His time. God’s time is not as our time. He is clear about the differences between space and time throughout His Messages.

He has established His Church, His Sacraments, His Holy Days of Obligatory Worship.

He has set the stage and delivered signs, miracles, visions and messages as He foretold He would through His prophets of old and now.

If you are amongst those who love God you cannot believe satan and his prompts to convince you that our Lord stopped speaking with and to His people in the last book of the Bible.

Why would Our Lord do that? Why would He forsake His own Words throughout scripture?

He Would Not and He Has Not! 

He is speaking even more now to many.  He is warning us through His messengers of upcoming days in the very near future. By doing so He Himself is fulfilling scripture.

Pray for the spirit of wisdom as you do not want to be as the people who lost their lives and their salvations during the Great Deluge.

His Mercy has extended even further by announcing and explaining in great detail the coming of His Great Warning and Purification which will take place before He cleanses and renews the entire earth.  This He says is happening in our generation, our lifetime.

Many of you are awake.  Many are waking every moment of every day as His time draws nearer. But there are still so many that sleep and walk in sin.  Our Lord does not want to lose even one of us.

He is clear in His speaking to Sister Faustina when He said, “The greater the sinner, the greater the right he has to My Mercy.”

By doing our best to save our brethren from eternal destruction we are loving them and are obeying Jesus’s last commandment which is to love one another.  We are also fulfilling scripture as Jesus ‘s exact Words to His disciples were, “There is no greater love than to give your life for a friend.”  Jesus did not necessarily mean to die.  He meant that if you sacrifice everything to save your friends soul, there is no greater love. The soul is life. 

By sacrificing we must not love our own social status or concern ourselves with the judgements of others. We must accept the persecution and sneers of spiritually immature societies.  In order to save them we must carry the cross in humility and take the rejection and fight for our brethren’s lives, their real lives.  By giving up ours as we now know it.  We must be brave as Christ was by detaching from worldly approval and seek God’s approval because Jesus said, “If you love your life you will surely lose it.”

Noah did his utmost to reach the deaf ears and the blind eyes of his generation.

He believed the Lord when He spoke. He rebuked the sneers and the persecutions he received from the people in response to his proclamation that everyone must ask for forgiveness and prepare for Our Lords return.

Noah did not need any human being from any statue or position in human life to confirm to him that God was speaking to Him.

Nor did Abraham, Moses, Ezekiel, Daniel, Isiah, Jeremiah or any of the great prophets of today or now.

Because others cannot hear of see does not dictate that we cannot hear or see Our Lord.  Noah was accused of being insane, zealous, delusional, crazy, unstable and was despised by even those who claimed to know and love God.  But Noah stood firm and he continued his preparation. He did all that God instructed him to do. Today we thank Noah because if he had not rebuked the people and their taunts, none of us would be here today.

He followed the Voice of God.

Therefore all visionaries and messengers of today will go forward and spread God’s messages to His people. We are spreading His Warnings and Guidance from the inside out as we have been instructed by Him.  We can do nothing other. Noah is our example.  This Our Lord has revealed to each of us. We cannot and will not allow unwise leaders and populations to detour the task Our Lord has set.

He has foretold that there would come a time that those who claim to be of Him would be the very ones seeking us out to kill us. The spirit of jealousy will have entered them. 

We are not to fear mankind. We are to fear God. For if we do not deliver His Messages to all His children as He has instructed then we will be made guilty of all the iniquities of those we deprived.

We will stand firm in the Voice of the Lord.

We will deliver His Messages and Warning and Instructions.

We will comfort the lowly.

We will give freely what the Lord has given freely.

We place God before our own deliverance.

We will not bend or waver in our task.  We will not allow satan to cause fear within us. We will never succumb to the will of man.

We follow God and Only God in Order to save the souls of our brethren.

Pray for those who wonder in sin. For if the soul of the spirit dies in sin, in this flesh, it will burn in the flesh for all eternity. This breaks our Fathers and the Blessed Mothers hearts.

Pray for the lukewarm as they are yet to understand the miracle of God’s Mercy.

Pray for those who have never come to know God and pray for those who do know Him yet deny Him. They fill their lives with things to fill the void within them. On the outside they are deemed as doing well but on the inside they are spiritually numb.  Pray that they turn their hearts to God and to His Mercy, for this is where the true fountain of life lays, which is indigenous to every soul.

Pray for your own souls.  Pray for your salvations. Light Holy candles in offering not only for others but for yourselves and for God’s shepherds.

Pray for God’s Mercy.

Turn your hearts completely to Him and trust in Him and only Him.

There is no one that He will refuse who returns with a sorrowful heart. His Mercy cannot be fathomed.

No matter how great the sin our Lord cannot and will not refuse a trusting soul.  He is Love and Mercy itself.

Trust in Him. 

Wake up remnant of Israel scattered amongst the nations of the world.

The weeds of satans seed are choking you.  Your breathing is shallow. Arise and tear the evil weeds from your souls, trample them down. 

Reach for the light of your salvation and drink from the fountain of life.


Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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