Come Out of Your Heavenly Habitation

The sun is finally shining after many days of gray skies and rain.

The earth and the plant life feel renewed.  Stretching and reaching for the life force in the sun rays. Even I am rejuvenated with only one ray shining across my face.

Oh Lord, Your power is so great.  Every living thing You created is a means of inter-connected survival of complete dependency on the other.

Nothing, not even us, your most precious creation can survive without one single plant and organism that You have placed here. We are Divinely connected, inter-connected directly to You.

Mankind has not mastered his existence therefore has yet comprehended the true nature of You, of himself.

Mankind being born into the clutches of evil has adopted that evil as a norm, as life when in fact it is death.

Save us from ourselves sweet Lord.  Return to Your stubborn creation.

The evil moss has now covered the earth.  Mankind can no longer see.  He is weighted down by his transgressions and the iniquity of others.

Our planet suffers and groans.

Our animals are dying.

Our plants cannot produce enough to feed us all.

We have hidden our faces from You.

Our leaders no longer recognize You as Lord.

Come Lord Jesus!  Come!

I pray Thee with all that I am

Hear the cry of Your servant who weeps at the destruction before her.

The fish are filled with our waste and their reproductive seed is dying.

 Mankind has forsaken you and has forgotten his place in the order of Heavenly things.

We are few and we are despised amongst the nations. We proclaim Your glory and we are shut up and sneered at.  We believe You and follow You.  We no longer fit in this jigsaw puzzle of evil.

How long are we to remain choked by the weeds of satan’s seed?  Gasping for Heavenly air?

The weeds are killing our young before they can come out of the womb!

Oh Mighty Father in Heaven  take Your rest no longer.

Your footstool is defiled from inside out.  Can You not see us fighting for survival as the weeds ban together surrounding us to cause our end?

We are Your seed Father.  Tend to Your garden.  Pluck the weeds from the bed.  Release us from their grip.

Hear us of Lord, we beg of  Thee.  Come out of  Your Heavenly habitation and cleanse the ground we now struggle to survive on.  Make it new and restore true life.

Dear God in Heaven, we beseech Thee to fly onto us and nurture Your remaining seed to the fullness of  life in You.

Hear our cries and rescue us!

Come Lord Jesus!  Come!


Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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