Will You Recognize Me?

“Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.  Blessed is he that is merciful for he shall receive mercy.” 

Prepare My children. Cleanse you souls. Seek forgiveness and forgive everyone. Hold no grudges and never allow satan to convince you why you are just in hating and resenting. For not forgiving your brethren and for speaking ill of your brethren to others.  You are never justified in doing so.

Your are to forgive and be merciful as I forgive and am merciful.

There is little time My children before all the world will behold My glory.  You are indeed a blessed generation. Do not fear the great warning of My mercy. Fear is not of Me.

When you see My sign in the skies, rejoice and raise your head and hands and behold the power of your God.

Here is the knowledge of the saints.

So many will return unto Me during and after the great purification.

satan will be seething and scurrying as he knows his time is over and all I foretold him when I cast him out of Heaven is unfolding before his evil eyes.

My creations are Mine.

Time is Mine.

The heavens are Mine.

No more will I allow evil to stain what I have perfected.

You must prepare better My child. You are tormented as satan wants to snatch your very soul. You are armed and prepared. Trust in Me. Tell Me every day, all day, that you trust in Me. Let nothing of any world separate you from Me.

Your faith and commitment to return to Me soothes My wounds.  All My children must desire Me and long to return to perfection.  I am all loving, all merciful.  There is not one soul that I would refuse should it turn back to Me.

Allow My light to radiate from you. My graces will send out graces to all.  Pray for My mercy. Pray for your salvation.  As much as I want you with Me, satan fights to enslave you in the pits of hell with him for all eternity. 

Always pray for your own soul and pray for mercy. Your measure of mercy received is equally measured by the mercy given. Mercy is a gift and treasure of love. It is Me.

Pray for My lost lambs who wonder deaf and blinded amongst the heathen.

Oh Israel, your Messiah returns yet another time.  Will you recognize Me? Or will you deny Me again?

My heart sends forth the rays of My love and mercy upon you. Receive your graces and know your Savior. If you deny Me yet again, I cannot shelter you in My wounds or My Sacred Heart from the cleansing and sorting, the purification.  You will fall with the bad seed sifted and separated from the good. Pray for My mercy and pray for the spirit of wisdom so you can awaken to My truth.

My time is indeed at hand and although no man knows the hour nor the minute of  My return, know this remnant of Israel.  I am within your shadow.

Prepare your souls and help to save others souls.  Serve and love one another.  Leave no one behind.  My Word and Messages are for all My children.

Awaken My children and prepare.  My time draws near.”

Your Loving Savior

King of the Heavens

Your Merciful and Loving Father


Father I believe in Your Mercy

I know Your Mercy

Your Divine Mercy is the sign of the end times

I believe Your Messages to Sister Faustina

Lord hid me in Your Sacred Heart and in Your most grievous wound on Your shoulder, from the evil that seeks my soul.

I trust in You Jesus and I trust in Your Divine Mercy.

Take my afflicted and defiled soul to Your Heart and heal me through Your Divine Mercy.

I ask this through the Blood You shed for me and through the Immaculate Heart of Our Most Sorrowful Mother.



Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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