Now We Begin

 “Your faith is strong but strengthen it still.

No matter what  comes in front, on the side or from behind; know that I will not, I will never forsake you.

You are My child.

A child which I have allowed many liberties.  But there will come a time soon when your faith will weaken and your heart will grow weary as satan will work overtime to convince you that I am but a dream, an illusion of sorts that was created by mankind.  satan’s time is only short.

Stand strong My child.

Your Father hears every word from your very thoughts and the sweet song from your heart. Hold tight and know that satan’s time is short. Rebuke him and his prophets. I am right next to you.

I am your Father, the Almighty King of heaven and Earth. The creator of all things. I command the heavens and the earth.

Do not worry about the animals of  the earth for they have served their purpose well and all living and dead will share in the glory of paradise.

Mankind, responsible for their cruel lives and neglect and destruction and extinction, will be given his just share of My judgement and My wrath.

All will be cleansed.

This is My earth as I have said to you many times before.

You love it as my creatures love it.  As I do and My true sheep love My creation and protect it as well. This is as a jewel of great beauty.

I am coming. Be prepared My child but continue to be under My peace.

Forgive everyone and send love back and forth to one another always,  as I have taught you.

I know the doings of Facebook and your discernment is good.

Abandon the message site and begin again. You did your job as I asked and the messages were received.

Now you deliver them to those who doubted you but with this time apart, they will receive My word. Have faith and courage.  Call on your guardian angel. You are not in this alone. I send you out not alone but with the guidance of My Holy Spirit

Reach My lambs and give them the tools, which is My Word in order that they too are prepared and waiting upon the Great Warning I am sending as a gift of My Mercy.

Prepare My child and go in the peace of My love , knowing that I am always with you. Your Father in Heaven, ruler of the heavens and of the earth. Creator of all things.

I will light up the sky and you will know it is I.  Rejoice My child for all will know Me.  All will know My love, My glory and My mercy.

So many of My children will come home. So many will rejoice and turn their hearts back to Me and all will begin to live another life of full understanding, eliminating a large percentage of the ways of life that are now led as all begin to see the world as it truly is and to see each other as you truly are. 

With My love comes wisdom and with wisdom comes understanding and tranquility and peace.

All should pray for wisdom.  My wisdom, which is the source of all life.  The spirit of wisdom is a great gift from your Father.

Do not be distracted. Gather what you need as you have been instructed and be prepared for My command.

I am always with you”

Thank You Father for returning to me.  I have missed Your voice. Oh Lord, You have answered my prayer. Lord now will my friends understand and reflect back and now really read Your messages, knowing Your sweet voice is behind every word? Thank You for this blessing Lord. I know that this gift has come at this time because it is the time You alloted for Your purpose and reasons, which are all part of Your master plan.

Lord, guide me, guide us, to the next step. Help us to heed Your word without hesitation, disregarding satans attempts to detour and distract us from Your work.

Thank You for hearing me Lord. Thank You for never leaving me. I know You always hear me and that You are always with me.

“Go in peace My child, your friends are safe.”


6 thoughts on “Now We Begin

Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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