Multiply and Increase Everything I Have Given You

“Write and tell My people the truth.  Tell them of times coming.  Tell them I am always with them.

Tell them I want them to grow the seeds of which I alone give.   Tell them to keep every seed of every fruit and vegetable they eat.   Tell them to store them up.   Tell them that man has no right to deprive them of what I alone provide and give to My children freely.

I Am the Father.

I Am the provider of all their needs.

I Am the only means to survival.

I Am the only answer to their very needs.

Tell them to turn away from this evil world and its intolerable leaders.

Tell them I love them.  Tell them I Am always with them.

Tell them all I tell you.

You My child have good ears.  You must help them all to find their ears as you have. 

My children wander in confusion amongst the injustices of this world.  They are tormented by rules and laws that make no sense to their existence.

My children awaken to My call.  Hear the Words of your Father.

Why would it ever be wrong to replenish what I have given.  I have always told you to go, replenish and multiply what I have given.  That means replenish the earth with more souls, more fruit, more vegetables.  These Words are My Truth, which have been said in order that you can sustain yourselves and waste nothing of what I have given.

When I multiplied the loaves and the fish, I told My Apostles to gather the remainder of what was left in order that nothing go to waste.  Learn from My instructions as waste is not of Me.

This world is Mine, which I created for you.  I created a world that would sustain you.  Go My children and do what it is you were taught.  What I have revealed to you.

Do Not listen to the evil seed of satan!  Go and multiply all I have given you. 

I Am your only Master.  I Am your God.  I Am your Father.

Ban together as one flock under Me and deny evils.  Deny satan’s seed that works to harness and starve you. 

Unite under your Father.  Unite under your God in Heaven.  Unite as the True flock of which I created to inherit this world.  Do Not fear mankind and his evils.

You are My good souls that I alone created and I will establish you as you were meant to be established. 

I Will redeem you.

I Will save you.

I Can and I Will.

Follow Me, My children and understand the times you are now in.

Do Not allow satan to confuse you.  You are My children and the seeds of fruit and vegetables are My seeds and I say Use them as they were created by Me to continually feed you and sustain you while you live in this world.

Multiply and Increase Everything I have given you, including yourselves.  I Am sending many souls into your seed, which are needed to correct and destroy the evils of this world.

Do Not allow satan and his league of evil seed to kill the souls I am sending before they come out of the womb.

Women of the Creator!  Protect your wombs. Protect My Souls.  Understand your Heavenly Roles.

Men of the Creator!  Protect your women.  Protect the seed I alone have given you in order to multiply the Heavenly souls on this earth.

Put on the whole armour of God, of Me and protect My Souls.

Are you a warrior for Me or have you succumbed to the evils of this world?

You know who you are of which I Am speaking.

Now is the time to become hot or cold. With Me or against Me. There is No in-between.

Peace and Love is My very nature.  The world has allowed iniquity and sin to come between us.  Establish yourselves in My Truth and shield yourselves from this evil world.

Love is to allow My Souls to be born, to live, to love.

Peace is to stop evil where it stands.

Multiply My children.

Multiply yourselves.

Multiply the fruit I give.

Multiply the plants I provide.

Multiply the vegetation I give in order you live.

Follow My Words.  Follow your Heavenly Father.  Follow the Only God.

Follow your Creator and create.

I Am All

I Am”


2 thoughts on “Multiply and Increase Everything I Have Given You

Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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