Arise Sweet Remnant of Israel

“Tarie not with My Words.

I say to you as I said to Ezekiel;  Speak unto the house of Israel and give them My Warnings.  Speak not unto the heathen that have forsaken Me as their hearts of evil refuse Me, refuse My role as the Father of this world.  They will receive their just measure.  Speak to the remnant of My people.

Speak, as some will hear My Word, My Voice through the Words I alone give you.  Some will forbear.  Worry not how they receive you or how they look upon you.  Speak anyway.  For if you do not speak and publish what I give you, you shall inherit their iniquity.  Hold not My Word to yourself.  Deliver it to My people.  Warn them now.  Do not tarie.  Hold not your peace inside to comfort yourself.

I have chosen you out of all nations, out of all the peoples of this world and you will be My scribe. You will be My messenger.  You can do nothing else as I alone have your salvation in the palm of My hands.  I alone will be your end or your beginning.

Tell My children to prepare.  Tell My children to turn away from iniquity.  Tell My children to turn their hearts, their lives back to Me now, as later is too late.

The iniquity and rebellion of this world has sent a great stench into heaven and My wrath is now upon them.

Turn not their hearts for only a brief moment.  Turn their hearts fully back to Me forever.  The goings to and fro from righteousness will be tolerated no longer.  There is no small or large place in this world where one can hide from Me.  I Am the Almighty Creator of this earth, of all things, still or living.

Those who pillage and destroy what I have created for their profit are not of Me.  They are of seed that has sprouted from the choking weeds of satan.  My Words are for My children.  Waste not your efforts on those who oppose Me. Waste not your limited time on those who think I Am one to barter with. 

Instead teach, preach, speak, publish and give My Saving Words to My children.  Tell My children to therefore teach, preach, speak and publish My Words to all their brethren and all their children, which too are Mine.

The gift I have bestowed upon you is Mine.  Hold it not to your own heart.  Give to My remnant freely as I have given it freely unto you.

Hear Oh Israel, scattered amongst the heathen.  Hearken to My Warnings.  Relinquish yourself from sin.  You know what is good and what is not. Your pretense and willingness to push My teachings and guidance aside must stop now. No more will I allow you to turn to Me only when in need then turn away once I have quenched your thirst.

You must live for Me as you were created by Me, for Me and to serve only Me.  The only difference between you and My Heavenly Angels is that I have blessed and bestowed upon you the gift of free will.  Do not make your God regret this blessing, for I will remove it from you and you will be plunged into this world without choice, without freedom to serve Me.  I have given but I can also remove and take it back unto Myself.

Hear Oh Israel.  Why have you forsaken Me?  Why have you chosen to do the will of satan the deceiver, the father of all lies?  Why do you not understand that the distractions he is supplying you are only to take you from Me?

Turn away from this world.  Turn away from men who are leading you to your destruction.

Rise up, united under Me, your Father, your God.  Stand together, united as one flock under Me.

Surround the fortresses of the evil and rebuke the calamity, the injustice, the evil, the lies, the torment.

I Command you all to fight for your lives, your real lives, which is your souls.  You are pure spirit residing only in the flesh to allow you mobility.  You are spirit of Me.  I alone blew you by My breath into the flesh.  You are in My likeness, which is Pure spirit.  Rise up My likeness and follow the Words of your Father. 

Spirit comes from Spirit.  Flesh comes from dust and water.

Fight for your real life. Your Eternal Salvation.

Unite My spirits.  Join together in prayer and in supplication of your souls.  Prepare your souls.  Do not wait.  Make haste.  My time is at hand.

The deceiver of this world wants you blinded by all the trinkets he has provided you in order you not remember who you really are and where you really come from and Who it is that is your God, your Father.

Awaken My children!  Put on the whole armour of Me.  Fight with determination to return from wenst you came.

Awaken My children!  Your Father is calling you.  Assist your brethren.  Rebuke evil.  Dine with them no longer. Separate yourselves from all that is not of Me.  Waste not even one second on those who rebuke Me. 

All ears of the earth have now heard My Words, My Truth.  All souls will use the Heavenly gift of free will to choose either good or evil.  They are no longer your task.

Take care of each other.  Guard one another.  Prepare one onto the other.  Gather, unite My precious flock amongst all nations.  Your Shepherd is calling.  My lambs know My Voice.  Gather under Me.  Unite in prayer and do penance and sacrifice in order all My lambs journey back into the fold before My wrath pronounces.

Shake off all the worldly iniquity that has mounted itself upon your souls.  Repent and cleanse thy souls.  Come now My precious creation.

All ears of the earth know My Words, have heard the gospels of my prophets.  My time as prophesied is now.

Awaken!  Prepare armed in My Words and in the Only Truth of your existence.

Arise sweet remnant of Israel.  Arise as the sun will soon set.

My wrath will begin and I will once again cleanse My world from evil and restore it as I alone created it.

Your Creator, your Father, your God, your Shepherd, your All is calling now.

Scripture will be fulfilled.   Scripture that has been heard and Scripture that has been held from you by evil will also be fulfilled.

All My Words from the beginning till now are never and not in vain.

Awaken!  Arise, Prepare, Repent and Arm yourselves with the Shield of Faith, with the honor of righteousness, with My Word.

Awaken My children!  Return to the fold as My time is now.

Your Father is a merciful God.  Your Father is your only way.  Your Father is God the Almighty.  The beginning and the end.  The Creator.  The Establisher.  The reason for your being.

No man knows My hour.  No man knows My minute.  No man knows My precise moment, which is why you must hurry in preparedness to cleanse and prepare your souls.

Arise sweet souls of My breast!  Eat and drink of the Truth.

Prepare your children. Prepare your houses. Gather each other amongst the other.

Rebuke all evil.  Allow it not into your lives for even a second.  Cast evil, cast all people of evil, cast all workings of evil out.  Refuse it to play not any part of your existence.  Have no tolerance or acceptance of evil.  Keep your souls pure and of Me.  Do not allow evil to work its way into any aspect of your existence.

Now is the time My people.  Now is when I command you to fight as My Holy Army and rebuke everything and everyone that is evil.

If even one says to you, “I love God but I choose to be and do as I believe not as God says.”  You must be strong and rebuke that person.  Allow this person not into the fold.  The fold is not of evil and will not be spoiled by even one.

The lost souls are for Me alone to contend with.  You do not have the power or the authority to allow evil and stained souls into My Holy Fold.

Turn away from them and trust that your God will be the Just Judge as to whether they will return into My Sacred Fold.  There is nothing of evil that will touch Holy soil, Holy ground.

I Am the Judge. I Am the Only Redeemer.  I Am your God.

Trust in Me and only Me!  Heed My Words and prepare!  Awaken to My Truth!  Arise in your true Holy spirits!

Prepare to see your very souls as I alone see them. 

Cleanse yourselves, never returning to the mud.

My Heavenly flock is pure and pristine and glorious and strong.

Understand Me!

Heed Me!

Follow Me and only Me!

I Am your God.

I Am.

Do as I say messenger.  Prepare My children. 

Publish My Word or all the iniquity that now stains their souls will be yours.

Your Heavenly Father has spoken.

Make haste.”


Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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