Never Give Up The Staff I have Placed In Your Fragile Hands

Morning Lord,

I posted Your Messages and will post the remaining ones today. Please accept my sincerest apology for being lazy and preoccupied with Your Messages.  I am in this flesh and am weak. My spirit is stronger than it has ever been in this life yet I am still in bondage to this flesh.  I know and feel You growing weary of me and I don’t blame You.  How You put up with me and why shows and tells me how merciful You really are.  I can not do this without Your mighty strength pushing me and guiding me.  Of this, I am sure.

I am now aware so strongly that there is so much work to be done in me before I can enter heaven.  I feel fear Lord.  I think I am finally understanding why and how I am to fear You.  I’ve depended on You my entire life.  I’ve gone straight to You my entire life.  You’ve been my source of security my entire life.  I have forged through everything this world and satan has thrown at me, without doubt or fear because I have always known You, Yourself was with me.  Over the past two and a half years You have been trying to make me understand that although I love You and You love me, I am to fear You.  As You know I’ve struggled with this as I could not feel or understand how I was to fear You, who has been my source of security and joy throughout this lifetime.

After receiving Your strong and forceful Message yesterday, there is a fear inside me that I have never known.  The sense of urgency in me is so great and I almost feel panicked.  Oh Father please do not give up on me.  Please continue to work my soul and teach me more and more each day how to control this flesh I am in, so that I can better do Your work.  The disappointment I feel in myself is so large.  I feel I am letting You down in so many ways.  Humble me further Lord.  Help me to know my place in this journey so I can better serve You.

You have protected me with Your Angels from the demonic attacks and now I am no longer tormented by them during my time of rest.  You have sent Gabriel and Daniel to guard me.  You have been so patient with me Lord.  I am so very well aware how unworthy I am of this gift, this blessing You have given me.  I’m certain there are so many others more worthy, who have prayed and done penance and who have sacrificed much in this life for You, while I have skipped through it without praying consistently, while I have taken You for granted.  Oh Lord, I am so sorry for not fully understanding this calling until now.

When I hear Your voice I become like a little girl all excited to be with her Father and I forget that I am an adult that You have chosen me to do this job for You.  I become fearless and playful and forget the importance of my task.  Help me Lord to be better at this.  Help me to feel the same fearlessness when I am out in the world amongst those who do not yet know You.  Amongst those who refuse to listen to Your commands.

I accept all You have given me Lord and I do not want to disappoint You any longer.  I need all the spiritual strength I can get to fulfill Your command of me.   Thank You for listening to Father.  Thank You for hearing me.  I know You always hear me.

“Every father becomes stronger with his own when necessary. Every father must, in order to guide and protect his children.

I am stronger with you now as My time approaches.  My children are heeding My call and are preparing, yet so many are not.

You do My work, yet you sink back into complacency, perfectly content as you know I am with you.  You must daily work as I work.  You must love My children as I love them.  You must always work as every good shepherd works.   When you stop, My sheep wonder and again become lost making your work much harder.

 A good shepherd sleeps only when the sheep are sleeping and is guiding them continuously while they are awake.  Shouting, go here, not there.  Steering them through valleys, through waters, over mountains and hills, foreseeing the dangers that lay ahead.  Protecting them from themselves.  As every apprentice does, you to must do.  You must watch Me and follow Me and do as I do.  You must be My voice guiding My flock back to Me. 

My Son is the Gate of which they must enter.  You must always be mindful and alert, never giving in to sloth, which is not of Me.  If I slept My flock would have no hope of returning.  They would fall into pits.  I Am their shepherd and I never leave even one behind.  I will search and search until I find that one.  I will carry it if I must and will return it to the fold.

You are but one amongst many shepherds I have chosen.  You must obey your Father at all times and release your soul from the flesh’s desires and grow into the role I alone have given you.

You are not yet pure but you have the desire to become pure. Your heart knows as does your mind and soul, who you belong to.  For this reason have you been chosen to be My voice amongst the lost I Am seeking. 

Many of mine, although within My fold are lost.  Some are blinded.  Some are weak and some are weary.  Some have lost hope of ever finding their way home.  They remain in the fold because their souls know My voice, which is why I chose many to be My voice, so that they can be found.

They too must find the ears to their souls so that they will hear their true shepherd and never wander off into danger, into the clutches of evil.

It is good that you fear Me.  It is good that you dwell on Me an Only Me.  It is My Will that you work always with Me, for Me and willingly.

I love all My children and it grieves Me so to see so many wondering so far away from Me, which is why I have appointed so many apprentices to assist in gathering them and feeding them with My Word, My Truth, which is their bread and their life and their only means of salvation.

My only Begotten Son is My Greatest of all shepherds.  He is the Gate.  He is My voice.  He is Me that was sent amongst you, that was sent to slaughter.  Who shed His blood in order you all be saved.  He is the Hope and the Only way home.

My child never cease.  Never give up the staff I have placed in your fragile hands.  I have chosen well and for this you will be rewarded.

Look upon My Son hanging on the tree of death.  Remember His sacrifice and do My work.  He is guiding you.  He never stopped working even when under attack by those who claimed to be of Me.  He took their persecution, their mockery, their injustice and carried their spiritual burden to His death.  He is the Bread of Life, which I alone have given man in order he be saved and return to My Heavenly Kingdom.

Hold tight My child.

Tell all My children to hold tight.  Tell them of My love for them as they are indeed My most precious creation.  Oh how I long for them to return to Me.  Each one is so precious and dear to Me.  Each one is a part of Me.  Each one I made in My likeness.  Each one I love with all that I Am and I AM.

I Am their True Father.

I Am the one who knows each and everyone of their voices.

I Am the one who hears their cries of fear as they stray and wonder into danger. 

Tell My Children all I tell you and fear not what the seed of satan says or does or tries to restrain you with.

Teach My children with My Words of Truth.  Love one another as I, your God loves each and everyone of you.

There is no greater love My child.  I Am the love and security and comfort you all seek.

Do your best each day.  When you lay down to sleep, do so knowing you did all you could do for My children that day and everyday.  The life I gave you is Mine to give.  The joy that awaits you all is in Me.

Make haste in your work, as you and all My children know that My time is indeed at hand.”


Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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