Examine Your Conscience

You are a wise and good Father. You are helping me to examine my conscience and make the necessary corrections in my life now. I love You so much for revealing all of this to me Lord. You are now prompting me to make a list of all I have wronged in my life and do my best to make amends. Thank You Lord for doing this. Thank You so much Lord. I now humbly pray and ask You to guide my mind, my heart, my soul and my hand as I attempt this list that I have hidden from myself over my lifetime.

Oh Lord, the list is long. Can I really do this?

“Yes, it may seem odd to those on your list, but this you must do in order to be completely cleansed. I need you pure and free from all iniquity and transgressions. Do not fight the cleaning upon you. It is My will.”

Okay Lord. I will obey you and begin this process today. I actually feel better just writing it all down. Thank You for guiding me to my inner truth. I love You so much Lord.


3 thoughts on “Examine Your Conscience

    1. Hi Lalique, Thank you for commenting. I am happy that you have found my page here on Word Press. You are welcome to share
      Our Lord’s messages with everyone as they are for everyonw. God Bless you and Peace & Love xo

    2. Hi,
      You are very correct in your feeling that something bigger than you is guiding you. That bigger something is God the Almighty Father.
      He is calling His Own now.
      Sit quiet with Him and only Him. Talk to Him and tell Him what He already knows. Open your heart, not your mind and allow Him to
      break down the barriers this world has placed around you heart. He loves you no matter what anyone says to you. His love for you will never waiver and He forgives everything. His mercy cannot be fathomed.
      Talk to Him… He misses your voice :o)
      Peace & Love xo

Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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