Are you ready?

Thank you Lord for settling my spirit and allowing me to sleep without being attacked. The torment of demons, I wish on no one. Is that what hell is like? Filled with torment, fear and unrest?

Oh Lord please save me from hell. Save me from purgatory and save me from this evil world.

I love you Lord and I want to come home to You and live life eternal with You. I dream of walking through the gardens of Heaven with You as You show me the seven trees and explain them all to me.

Kelly, My time is coming quickly.

Continue to prepare in every aspect. Leave nothing unattended.

Your hearing pleases Me and you are standing where I say stand. You are going where I say go. You will witness for Me and you will be taken down but you will rise. This is My will. 

Are you ready? Are you willing to die for Me as I died for you?”

Yes, Father I am because I know I am in Your hands and I completely trust You. I will do as You say without fear. You are my God, my Creator, my Restorer, my All.

“In Rome you will witness and stand firm in Me. You will shout My glory and all will be amazed. You will suffer persecution and yet you will stand firm with the light of My love in your eye. 

Are you ready?”

I’m ready Lord as You send me with my best friend and together we are one and strong in You.

“It is done. So it shall be”

I am at complete peace and in accordance to Your will. I have not felt this peaceful in my life. I do not fear. I trust You. Lord, do with me as You will. I know Your Kingdom is coming and I want to be a part of it. I do not wish or want to be a part of this world. I want, need, dream and pray that You deem me worthy to be a part of Yours. You are my loving Father, who has never forsaken me. Use me as You will Lord. I willingly submit all that I am to You.

“You are My child and I am very pleased with you. Rest and prepare. Be at peace and know that I am always with you. My being soars through the heavens at your faith and willingness to do My will.

My child, My child, I will never forsake you. This is My covenant and My bond with you. Rest My child, rest.

Your loving Father, who is wathching over you from Heaven.  I will be with you soon.”


Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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