Loving One Another is the Key to the Heavenly Gate

Lord, I know I should be busy with cleaning my house and doing personal administration and all the necessities encompassing human life right now. These things were always priority. Ever since the vision you gave me at Dam Square nothing is priority but You and the task You’ve set before me.

I see you in everything and everyone so clearly now. When I see frowns on people’s faces which is often, I stop to find You somewhere behind the unhappy mask standing in front of me. I can see You now, struggling to reach the light while being held hostage in a human flesh being tormented by unpure and unseen spirits. Without fear, without thinking, I reach for You and extend my hand. Smiles appear and Your relief is felt. My heart warms and Your very light beams from my eyes back into Yours. Your smile broadens and widens and my eyes well up, filled with Your love.  I understand now that by loving one another we save each other. Loving one another is the Key to the Heavenly Gate, to Your Kingdom, which is You. You are the gate. The Kingdom of Heaven is inside, within and around us. As You are spirit, we are spirit.

“Love one another and come home”

Thank you Father for hearing me. I know You always hear me.

“Your understanding deepens. Your original form is returning. Manifest your understanding, share it with My lambs. As being on the verge, deliver My Messages, ever fervent with love, understanding and true faith in Me.

My Own are marked but they are lost. satan will stop at nothing as his time is short. Fear not the determined or idle threats from mankind. I am Your Lord your God, who died for your sins and the sins of all My children subjected to the evils of this world. The ruler of this world has been judged. Man is confused and wrong about what is right. He does not understand what he does not see and trusts nothing that has not come from the hand of man. Mankind believes himself to be god. Man is not evil. Man is mislead. Man is blind and dumb from the lies foretold before his birth.  The actions of mankind being led by satan is what is evil.

Hold firm in your faith and love everyone and everything for everything comes from Me. Many souls are waking. Many are wondering, in search of their surroundings. Spread My Messages, prepare and use your free will for the good only, down to your very thoughts. Hold on to your faith in Me.

Continue to forgive everyone of everything down to their very thoughts and love one another as you are all a part of Me. You cannot love only parts of Me. You must love the whole of Me with all your minds, hearts, bodies and souls. To love Me entirely, you must love one another entirely.

Love with forgiveness and you will destroy evil and the deeds it sets man to do. With true forgiveness and love,  My Kingdom will reside on earth.  I am always with you.”


Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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