You Must Turn Lust Into Desire For Me And For Only Me

It is one month today 27/04/2011, that You began coming to me through my thoughts and writings. Honoring this blessed month I sit and wait for You to join me on my balcony as You have done. I find myself drifting into thought about what You would have been like as a growing boy.

What it would have been like for Mary and Joseph to parent the Son of God. The Messiah, the Christ. I wonder if You always knew who You were or did the Father appear to You and educate and instruct You? Were Mary and Joseph allowed to witness this great apparition or appearance if so?

Were You a regular little boy playing and laughing while discovering the world around You? Who was Your childhood friend? Did this friend stick with You till the end? Did this friend believe You, did he believe in You? Or were You always a grown God in a little boys body?

What was Your favorite game? Your favorite color? What flavors pleased Your pallet? Were You ever disobedient to Your earthly parents other than the preaching in the temple we all know about through scripture? If so how did they correct You without offending God, You? Did they receive instruction as how to raise You?

Smiling I  envision a scene where You place Your hand on a dying dog and he hops up and runs off. Amusing the other children Your age as they did not understand what they just saw. They did not know that the power of God, of You, brought life back.

It must have been absolutely extraordinary to raise You. To watch God grow in human flesh. Wow, is the only word that comes to mind. To feel the need to protect You yet knowing full well You were already protected. To know that as a parent they could never supply for You what God had already provided.  To know that You were the means by which God was conceived, born and raised in human flesh.

Did Mary and Joseph have to hide Your true identity or did they tell the world and suffer ridicule? What was Your childhood really like Lord? What thoughts did You have? What was it really like to parent the Christ?

If you did have siblings, what was it like for them to grow up with You? Did they know You were the Christ?

I envision You as a four or five-year old touching a flower bud with Your innocent little hands and it springing to life in front of You. I can see Your smile in my heart as You delight in its glory.

Did You have a pet?  Or many? Which was Your favorite? Did they know that their owner was God, the Christ? Did they and all animals follow You everywhere You went? Did You literally communicate with them? Do You now? Did You play any sport? What was it if You did?

Did You experience all the feelings of the human flesh? Or did God block this from You? As a young man did You experience lust in the flesh so You could understand man´s human daily dilemma?  How were You protected from this?  I suppose in my human mind I wonder if You were a virgin as Your mother? I know many must think about these things concerning Your life as a child, as a young man, as a full-grown man. Many try to envision what it was like for You? Many mentally block these thoughts out to stay reverent to You but mainly because they are afraid to actually envision You as a man like every other man. It feels almost sinful to them.

You say man was made in Your likeness. You made man the way he is. Although a living, pure spirit in human flesh as You have taught us that we are, nevertheless, residing in human flesh that responds in a human way to various stimuli. Were You simply void of human feelings and stimuli? If so, how?  Male and female alike carry the burden with the lust of the flesh because of the human release required as it is a humanly function. You made us this way.

“You must turn lust into desire for Me and for only Me. Desire Me with all that you are in body, heart, mind and soul. The release only I can satisfy you with is in Me and only Me. The burden of the human flesh is not of Me. It is what mankind is subjected to in a world ruled by evil. Man must overcome lust by the use of his free will. He must choose to direct that lust into desire for Me and for Me only. I am the satisfaction his soul, who he really is, truly seeks. Lust is of the flesh but when directed toward Me, it becomes desire. Desire and wanting to be with Me and only Me.  Teach My children who they are and they too will come to know as you have that true satisfaction is with Me and Me alone. As I give you everything, I give to all My children equally. Those who come to Me want for nothing. The things you ponder please Me as you dwell on Me and only Me. Deliver My Messages and teach My children.”

“I am always with you”


Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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