There Is No One That Is Ever In The Position To Judge Anyone

“If you have sinned against Heaven and earth and come to Me and ask for forgiveness with all your heart, mind and soul, I will go to My Father on Your behalf.  All of Heaven will rejoice and welcome You home.

Those of My lambs that are lost will be found. Feed them My Word. Bring them to Me.

I did not come to bring peace on earth.  I´ve come not to bring peace but a sword.

I have come to sew discord between a man and his father. Between a daughter and her mother.  A man´s enemies will be members of his own family. Now do you understand?

You may  that you have given up everything to follow me but I tell you this, “Anyone who has left home or father, mother, sister, brother, wife, children or land for the Kingdom of God shall be rewarded a hundred times over on earth and inherit the Kingdom of God.

If you want to save your life as it is you will lose it. But if you willingly give it up as you now know it for My Word and for what I have commanded you,  for this is My Will,  you will save your life and live life eternal.

When Heaven becomes to you as your greatest treasure, you will love and protect it as that will be where your heart is.

Gather My sheep and do what it is that you were born to do.

Rise little girl.

The Message I brought to this earth still stands. The chains of bondage of sin were broken when I willingly gave up My life and took upon the sins of this world. Now mankind’s task is to learn how to tame and use his gift of free will for the good and break evil.  Stop it where it stands.

The change must come from within the hearts, minds and souls of mankind. Teach them, Feed them My Word.

Seek out my lambs for they are hungry.

My Glory is shown by the fruit you bare. This is what I will of thee.

Tell My sheep that they are not to judge one another. They are with the belief that to separate from one another by social agreement or pretense, by as to who is right and just is good and just. But they must think, who is just in the eyes of God?

They must first stop and think to themselves and try to envision how God sees their own souls. Would they be overjoyed or would they feel shame when realizing that no one knows or has any perception of how God the Father now sees their souls. As He knows everything and mankind can hide nothing from God. They only hide from each other but mainly from themselves. That is why they boast and brag and seek worldly praise from one another. They believe portraying outwardly prevents vision of what is within. Deep within the very core of every person born is the knowledge of everything they have ever done that is good. What is bad and they know that truth is only known by God and God alone. The pure truth without additions or deletions. So again, they must think and ask themselves, How does God see my soul now?

They would so understand that they or anyone else is never in a position to judge anyone. As they pass judgement they mount sandbag of sin upon themselves only.

Overcome what the world deems as normal and acceptable, as it is not”

I am always with you

The Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy


Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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