The Battle is Not Yet Over

“Witnessing the look of defeat and hurt on a friends face is one of the most heartbreaking experiences to endure. 

The love, knowledge and understanding of this person sets center stage and your heart swells and explodes, completely broken as you know what your friend is feeling is both undeserved and unnecessary.

A rage rises inside you as your inner strength builds. Your mind becomes sharper and begins searching its memories to find evidence of this injustice being poured on to your friend. 

Running to their aid is your only mission. To stand guard and ward off all evil and wrong doings hitting your friend from all sides. As the battle progresses other friends of your friend arrive, now strengthening the barrier and protecting your friend, their friend, from any and all injustice aimed at him. Together working to save him. As this scenario plays out you are hurt for your friend but you know that over time the battle will be won and peace will prevail. The time when smiles mount and love has returned.

But there is another experience that is more heartbreaking and lasts a lifetime and into eternity.

There is no defense. There is no repair and there is no escape from the heartbreak. Where time does not carry out the duty of healing. When heartbreak stands still and justice is never recovered.

It’s the battle going on inside your friend that you could not and did not see. The battle where you were unable to stand guard, protect, console and love your friend back to victory. The battle he was fighting on his own. The battle he hid from you and from all his friends. The battle of no recourse.

You drop your sword, shocked and hurt beyond belief.  Searching your now still friends face in search of the understanding you need but there are no answers, no replies.  His obvious and conclusive agony drapes itself around you and you feel weak and the hurt and despair take its place on your face now.

But Look…. Your friends are now standing guard, strengthening the barrier to protect you, determined to claim victory. Returning to you the peace you lost when loosing your friend.

Look around you…. They are many standing with you, ready for battle, never bending.

Time has never healed anything.

Time simply and only provides the space needed for prayer and meditation which brings knowledge, which brings an understanding. This understanding will show you that although brave, your friend fought his battle foolishly.

There was no need for him to enter the battlefield alone and unarmed when he had an army of angels, saints, family and friends forged with love that could have claimed an easy victory with and for him.

You will understand that your friend had no armour because he removed it years ago.

Most importantly you will smile from within out when you realize that the battle is not yet over!

You and all his friends are his armour now. Draw your spiritual swords and pray for him in power, unity, love and might as he purges to purity as the finest gold being forged down to perfect pureness.  He will feel the power of united prayer and love from his friends as his heart melts, overflowing with truth and complete understanding of the one who has loved him before his creation. He will feel my love and he will weep and he will be forgiven and he will see heaven.

His soul will ascend and he will walk into heaven renewed now able to fight the battle on your behalf.

Love his spirit back to life and revel in the victory!”

I am always with you.


Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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