You Are a Wonderful Teacher

Lord, the day after Your resurrection is a day off of work and a day of rest to reflect on the messages You have given during the season of lent and penance.  It was not a normal day of celebration as every Easter Sunday is in reverence and thanks of Your sacrifice.

This year You prompted me to stay at home with You which I did. Spending the day from 8am until 6pm with You was the most peaceful and content that I have felt in a very long time. Thank You so much for a beautiful day. Riding my bike through the city the sound of church bells began ringing as the last mass of the day prepared to start. At the sound of the bells the small white, rounded leaves from the trees lining the canals began falling and were swept up by a warm breeze. The leaves were as confetti falling from the sky in celebration of  Your resurrection.

Stopping to take in this heavenly sight I was awestruck by the beauty of it all. It was truly a majestic sight to behold. When I felt You in my heart, I knew You made this happen at the exact time the bells rang and at the precise moment I arrived on that particular canal. You are showing me things and sharing them with me and I can never thank You enough for caring about me the way you do as I know how unworthy I truly am.

In conference You revealed to me the truth in the Blessed Mothers words to John, Your most beloved apostle. When You sent him out into the world to spread Your messages for the first time he found Your mother, the Blessed Mother. She was sitting alone in her back garden in prayer and meditation with You and the Father when John walked up and knew that she was Your mother. He said to her, “You are Blessed amongst women. You are His Mother.”  Mary looked at John as he kissed the hem of her robe on bended knee and said, “If you follow Him and know Him and love Him you are His mother, father, sister, brother.”  When You revealed this image to me my heart grew weak and filled with so much love and respect for her. She loved you so very much. The cross she bore seeing You tortured, beaten and put to death was cruel, hurtful and painful beyond words or human understanding.  When the Roman soldier pierced Your side with his spear, she felt that very piercing as if  jabbed into her.

Oh Lord how she suffered has never really been placed before me as You have done. Feeling her emotions and pain was overwhelming and all too much for me to handle. As soon as I felt completely despaired and broken in my heart You revealed her joy and exhilaration as You rose and ascended back to the Father. I felt her agony and pain lift up from her as You ascended higher and higher. The agony and pain ascended with You and You took it from her heart.  How You loved her so much. The last thing You did when leaving Your mother behind on this earth was to remove her grief and pain. You never separated from her. You remained in her because she remained in both You and the Father.

Oh Lord you are such a beautiful spirit. You have complete ownership of me and I’ve neer been happier. Together we are throwing the multitude of sandbags of sin from me. I feel lighter and strongly connected to You as You are my life line.

Today You give me rest and I still sit, write and selfishly want You all to myself again. I apologize for portraying signs of  greed when it comes to You. This as You know is not my intention. I just cannot seem to get enough of You. I miss You terribly when you are not with me and can think of nothing or no one else. I love You so much and I finally really know that I am absolutely nothing without You.

I stay here willingly as I know this pleases You. But You know my heart sweet, sweet Lord. I dream and long for the moment I never have to separate from You ever again. You are my groom and I am Your bride. You are my Father, uncle, brother, aunt, mother and sister all bundled up in one massive energy source of life and love. How could we be so fortunate as we are to have been created by pure perfection. To have a Father that loves and adores us as You do.

Help me Lord to make You proud. Help me Lord to bring You glory, the glory You so desire and deserve.  Help me Lord to do the work You have set before me with love, understanding and assertive truth.

You are everything to me and I cannot exist without You nor would I want to. You said that if we love this life we will surely lose it. You also said that the gift of being born and existing in human flesh is precious. I understand Your true meaning now. We are to be ever so thankful for this precious gift but never to love this life or anything or anyone in it over You.  You must always come first in any and all as we love one another and feed each other the energy of love all the time. We are to emit the energy of Your love within us to one another’s higher selves. This is when Heaven will open before our eyes and we will walk body and soul united to You for all eternity.

Revealing to me the true meaning of washing Your apostles feet before the last supper has touched me deeply and I now understand true forgiveness. You washed their feet but told them that they were all clean because they loved and followed You and accepted Your messages. But You washed their feet as a symbol and a direct sign that by forgiving we cleanse our neighbor completely.

Forgiveness means to make clean.

You are a wonderful teacher and I couldn’t love You more if I tried.


Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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