With the Power and Heavenly Gift of Free Will, My Souls, My Children Must Willingly Choose Light

Seventy time seventy, times seventy and so on. Why the number seventy? What, or is there a reason for this very number? The smallest things within scripture are jumping out at me whereas before not even a thought about these things ever entered my mind.

You are a complex, diverse, righteous, all-knowing, all loving Father. I’ve heard reference to you as the primary God, as some beneath you, who have established their own hierarchies are calling themselves gods.

“These are the false god’s of which I have spoken. I Am the Lord your God and you My child have no false God’s before you. You remain in Me and only Me, therefore I remain in you. The discernment of your spirit grows and will continue to grow. Good morning My child. I am always with you.”

Thank you Father for hearing me. I know you always hear me. I know that everything and everyone comes from You. That there is always a reason for being for everything and everyone.

I am preparing Lord and instructing along the way with love and light as you have commanded of me. Even the stranger has been welcomed and informed. I question not Your reasons for placing any and all in my path. But You know my heart and as a child waiting with anticipated joy, I too feel excited to learn the reason for all You’ve set in my path and I in theirs.

Thank you for all the graces and blessings You have bestowed upon me and for never forgetting about me amongst Your billions of children. You have forgiven me for everything and have guided and helped me to forgive everything of everyone. You have taught me real love by love, which is You. You are pure love and light. You are merciful and of an abundantly giving nature. I cry tears of great joy as my heart swells as if exploding, filled with Your love. My soul of my spirit is as if dancing inside my chest into every part of me. Unconditionally You love Your children as we are indigenous to You.

So many are asleep yet so many are waking. Through Your Son Jesus Christ I beg and pray to You Father, to ignite the spirit of truth within all Your sleeping and waking children. Let them all feel the fire of Your spirit burning in them as it is in me. Oh how I long for the day when the whole world will be awake unto the souls of their spirits and remembers from who and where they came.

When all souls unite in impenetrable wisdom, knowledge, remembrance, power and Holy Love.

When there is no more evil. When there is no threat. When Your Kingdom is on earth.

Oh Father, again I pray thee, through Jesus Your only begotten Son. Ignite the spirit of truth throughout the world in every soul. Thank You Father for hearing me. I know You always hear me.

“You are My child and what You pray of Me has been heard as it is the prayer of many saints. What you pray will one day be. There is a process in order for this to be. With the power and heavenly gift of free will, My souls, My children must willingly choose light. They must freely return to Me with the use of their free will. It is a heavenly gift. Continue to use it wisely. I am always with you.”


Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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