The Grace of Jesus Christ Be With You Always

“The grace of Jesus Christ be with you always.

You are My obedient child. I know your worries your inner suffering, your deepest concerns. Everything you now concern yourself with is being prompted by Me.

The masses have been suppressed from much, even the heart of My Message, as in allowing and expressing its true meaning would tear down very foundations. The church has although kept My Commandments and has led many souls to a better end, which is true life in the light. You were fed the church and nurtured by its waters and you have stood by it, although reluctantly at times, still you stood. Your reluctance stemmed from knowledge and growing wisdom which I alone gave you. Uncertain of the right direction, you held on for precautionary measures, due to your fear of offending Me, therefore loosing life eternal has been your reasoning.

I come to you now, not because of your pureness because you are not yet pure.

I come to you because I Am.

Because I can.

Because I am your Father.

I Am the Father of all.

I have chosen you along with many. You must teach everyone who will hear you, who they really are. They are pure spirit, they are of Me.

You shake and tremble when faced with others opposition to My Word, to My Commands of you. You hold on to fear and silence your own tongue. You go neither to or fro. You stand still. This you will do no longer. You will no longer shake and tremble, it has been removed.

Those who stand in opposition of  My very existence and persuade others to follow their path of opposition will be judged righteously and they will receive their just measure. From their mouths, to their hands, to their vicious deeds of opposition toward My Divinity will reap their destruction.

Learn all I am placing in front of you and all will increase within you. Knowledge brings the wisdom you require in order to ascend. Prepare and continue to do so. Instruct others. Bring them to me. Scripture that has not been heard in the time of now, approaches its time of fulfillment.

I Am your Father. Trust Me with all of you. I Am in you as you are in Me. Follow Me and only Me. Love Me and Heaven with your whole heart, your whole mind, you whole being as I love you. Follow no man, no woman as even My most elect and chosen will be fooled by all that is to come.

Those who are not in Me will be led by man to their demise. They have not sought Me and do not know Me, therefore they do not comprehend or perceive how to ascend by transcending the body of flesh.

Those who have been slothful in seeking Me will hide themselves in shame and repentance. They will mourn their waste of life and regret much. But I Am their Father and I Am merciful to all who come to me.

Those who stood still without seeking Me for the sake of mankind’s will, will die of pure fright.

Those who remained faithful to Me, although blinded by their spiritual leaders to the fullness of Me, will rise and be judged according to the Laws of Heaven and will also receive their full measure and glory.

Those who claim spiritual and heavenly authority on earth, having led the multitudes will be judged by the Heavenly court of Twelve according to their own measure, additionally by the souls gathered to Heaven and by the souls they scattered and lost from Heaven. They bare the fruit of their leaderships as well as the sin of all souls they led away from the Heavenly Banquet.

Those who willingly used their gift of free will for the use of evil doings. Of what is not of Me. Those who willingly follow satan and his chosen rulers. Those who persecute, torture and destroy the earth and all living things under Me, will suffer everything they dispersed in the flesh, for all eternity. They are lost from Me for they have chosen.

These things are now understood within your spirit. These things put to reset and do not ponder them. I Am your Father. You have loved My Son, you have loved My Father, you have understood that we are One. I will do all I say. I will not repent of any of what I say. These things will be.

Obtain the knowledge I send you. Prepare for what is to come. Teach everyone who they are. Instruct them to prepare as you are preparing. Gather My sheep, feed them with My Word, with the knowledge they need. By doing so you will bring them to Me and they will be proof of your labour for Me and Glory to all of Heaven.

Trust that I will provide and My way and passage is right, it is safe, it is where I will be. Hearken both your ears and your eyes. Keep watch. Be as a beacon of Light in this world and draw My souls to the Light which is Me. I Am the Light, the only Light. I am the Love in your lives. Shine bright My child.

Keep watch and discern what is not of Me. I Am with you always.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Follow Me. The road ahead is filled with despair, sorrow and grief for many but never despair,  for you know My promise. I Am always with you. Remain in Me and I will remain in you. Connect to Me and go into your divinity to reach Mine. You are My obedient child that is strong in spirit and filled with courage to fulfill her task.

Hold firm to Me and only Me. Place no man or woman in esteem. Give them no glory as all esteem and glory are Mine. Be at peace as you prepare and be careful and wise by remaining in Me. I Am always with you.”


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Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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