This is Why You Were Born

“You are not understanding. You are the messenger.  This is why you were born.  Seek out My lambs. Bring them to Me. Come to Me. Be with Me and Only Me.  Forever with Me. In Me and I in you. We are One in the Father and the Father is One with us.

Now come sit with Me here by this, one of the eldest of My trees. See he gives you the shade that you need to sit quiet with Me and Only Me. In Me and I in you. Feel My tree connected with Me and I with he. We are One. Connect to My tree and to Me. Do you feel now? Me in you and you in the tree which is in Me? We are One. Now you too are One in Me and the tree. Do you feel? Sit quiet with Me under My aging tree. You are now One with Me. I am One in you and you are One in Me. Do you feel Me in you and you in Me?

It is a beautiful tree Father and I know You shade me. I feel the circular sensation between my chest and abdomen throbbing, sending sensations throughout my body. My heart beats as my entire existence tingles with joy and I feel lighter and lighter as if I could float.

My Messages are for the people not the church. satan has infiltrated and they will be squashed when read. Distribute from within, then out.

Yes Father, I hear you Lord

Do you feel Me inside you?

Everyday you sit with Me your spirit grows stronger. I love your obedience and will give you all you need.

You have ears that please Me as you have opened your heart and are now One with Me and you are One with all. And all is One with you. Feel the joy of connection of being One with the Father.

You are the messenger. Rise above your human self and do what it is you were born to do.

I am always with you.


7 thoughts on “This is Why You Were Born

      1. Thank you for commenting. I am happy that you have found this page here on Word Press. You are welcome to share
        Our Lord’s messages with everyone as they are for everyone. God Bless you and Peace & Love xo

Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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