His Messages

March 27, 2011 I began receiving messages via my writing through my thoughts if that makes any sense. I am told that I am to distribute them from within out. To gather His sheep and feed them with the Words He gives me.

I am to teach everyone who will listen who they really are. Who we all are. He says that we are pure Spirit and pure Power. That we are born in the corruptible flesh and grow in it. That this flesh is simply a means, a vehicle which allows us to walk in a form. We are the only species in this world that has been given 7 gifts and 2 very powerful powers.  The 2 powers we take for granted because the flesh works with unpure forces to keep who we really are trapped in the flesh and blinds us from understanding that these are literal powers which God Himself has given us.

I must deliver His Messages and teach you with what He teaches me. What He gives freely, I too must give freely. Sound a bit nuts and crazy? At first I thought the same thing. What was given to me in March did not make any sense to me at all but makes perfect sense now. What He gives me now doesn’t make sense but I am certain that in a few more weeks they will too. He says those that have ears will hear and those that have eyes that see will wake up.

He wants me to gather His sheep and feed them His Word and this will save souls. Being an everyday kinda person I was not sure how to deliver these Messages so I decided to open a fb page, create a global event of fb called, “Gather My Sheep and Feed Them” and created a blog on Word Press.

He said that His will hear His voice through these words and that I am not to worry about what people say. That there is no time. I am not to force feed anyone or try to convert anyone. I am simply to deliver these messages. He chooses to speak to me via my pen and pad through my thoughts and wants the dialogue between us also included so that many will understand why am I publishing His Messages.

Peace & Love xo

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Please share His Messages with everyone. Read them over and over until you begin to understand who you really are and who you come from. Peace & Love xo

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